Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Stats

Currently- Watching my 10-page paper (that I finished 5 min ago) come fresh off the printer
Time- 2:48 in the a.m.
Alarm set for- 6:30, also in the a.m.
Eating- a cookie... yep, at 3 in the morning
Loving- the fall colors on Wasatch Drive
Days until I see Dallin- 8
Listening to- The Hairspray soundtrack
Number of papers to write this weekend- 3
Weeks left until I move to Henderson (and graduate!)- 7 1/2
Liquids consumed today- 4 Diet Cokes
Daydreaming about- Sleep

Off to bed now.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My family is funny

"I used to like President Obama... now I am not so sure because he keeps coming on the TV during Desperate houswives!"

"What does a 'Q' look like again? Sometimes I get it confused with 'J'. Wait... do you spell 'majestic' with a Q?

"I need to find a job for the summer. I just don't want to work with food. or people. or have it involve any type of cleaning. and I don't want to work nights or weekends or really early. OH, and I don't want it to be boring."

"I kind of want to throw all of the Kardashians off of a cliff."

"Maren, you don't even need to bother watching conference...
you are already doomed."

"You guys can't fool me, I know that rats don't exist... I don't believe in unicorns or rhinos either."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 year later

Dallin and I have been married for a whole year!
Does this mean that we are no longer newlyweds?

Things I have learned in the past year...
-Cooking doesn't necessarily run in the family
-"Prepared yellow mustard" is actually just regular mustard
-Applying to med school is a full time job for like 4 months
-It is possible to live for 5 days on $30
-We love lake Powell
-We also love Detroit, but for different reasons
-I am not that nice when I am hungry
-The only time that Dallin gets grumpy is when the Utes lose
-The avenues are not like Sandy... if you leave things visibly in your car, it WILL get broken into
-The Mitchells do not mess around when it comes to Disneyland
-Praying every night together does wonders for a marriage
-It is not always smart to mimic what the people on 'The Biggest Loser',
especially when they are doing handstands against the wall and you forget to put your hands down
-Dallin is still nice to me when I crash his car
-Our missionaries (Elder Outsen & Elder Mitchell) are rockstars
-Dallin's friends somehow never get sick of nicklemania-
me on the other hand...
-Living in a really old house causes it to flood more often
-Dallin likes to practice his accents ALL of the time...
he is currently working on his Indian one
-The army is cool
-Bon Jovi still rocks
-President Monson is a prophet of God
(that was more reiterated, not learned)
-Dallin can and will function on 3 of 4 hours of sleep per night for 5 days the week before a test
-There are some interesting people at the laundromat
-Having your wife as the ward choir directer gives you an automatic calling into the ward choir :)
-Even if I train for a half-marathon twice as much as Dal,
he will still beat me by a half hour
-Skydiving is awesome
-Las Vegas isn't that far
-Dallin could be entertained for weeks by only his Ipad
-End of Harry Potter=sad day
-22 credit hours + internship + 25 hour work week
 leaves little room for free time
-Being in med school also leaves little room for free time
-It is possible to watch an entire season of a TV show in one night...
namely 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, and The Big Bang Theory
-We have 2 awesome awesome awesome families
-Living with your husband is 80058ejfn395 times better
 than not living with your husband
-Dallin is a sweetheart

First year of marriage in pictures...

And how did we celebrate?

By eating year old wedding cake,

Getting flowers(and a new digital camera!) from Dal,

and going the happiest place on earth!