Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lauren and Tyler get MARRIED

Well this wedding was a long time coming, Lauren and Tyler are finally married! Hurray! It was the most beautiful day. It felt super weird not to have Dallin there, especially taking siblings pictures and things. I can't believe that he had to miss his sister's wedding, but we were there to represent and he sent in a video that they showed at the dinner that had everyone in tears. The reception was so fun! Everyone was dancing and ice skating. Calvin and Mae were so excited to get a new uncle! yay Lauren and Tyler.

Kaely doing Mae's hair

Oh i love them

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas! In St. George! without Dal:(

We missed Dallin extra on Christmas, but we still had a great holiday with the Mitchells in St. George. We did a nativity, ate yummy food, and of course listened to grandpa Bud read his german poem. The kids asked for scooters from Santa and it has been fun to watch them cruise around. Dallin sent me a cool wooden box with a nice letter that made me cry in front of everyone. I was a little emotional that day but the kids had a great Christmas. One more holiday closer to having Dallin back.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Festivities 2018

We had such a lovely Christmas season in Utah (with missing Dallin of course). Calvin got back into his groove and wasn't so dramatic about Dal being gone and we LOVED THE SNOW. We loved all of the Christmas things. oh and the snow! Ha, we haven't lived by snow in 7 years so we were giddy about it all winter.

We also found out the gender of our little baby in December! My mom + Calvin came with me to the ultrasound. We all closed our eyes during the gender part, then the ultrasound lady texted Dallin. We decided to have Dallin reveal the gender to us via FaceTime that weekend. It ended up being a blackout internet day in Afghanistan so I was a little stressed but he ended up getting it. He filled a medical glove up with little pink paper and then popped it while my whole family was over at Max and Steph's. Another little boy for our family!

Another super exciting thing that happened in December is that Dallin matched! No more match ever again. The few days leading up to the day I was a basket case (understatement), but we were so excited and I am proud of him. Texas, here we come.
Decorating the tree

That time that I accidentally made this Christmas card for my mom to send out "from the Mitchell family"

Festival of trees

Elf on the shelf was a huge deal this year 

Making gingerbread houses sent by my cute friend Alice

Calvin's preschool Christmas program

Seeing a play at Desert Star
"Fake Christas" with the Outsens since we will be in St. George for Christmas 
Extended Outsen family Christmas party 

Seeing Santa at the old folk's home
The tree of life with Bryan's nephews
Snowball fight!! 

Rodizzio Grill date with my parents to celebrate the match
For reals I love snow

Gender reveal!!