Wednesday, July 26, 2017

4th of July 2017

We had such a good 4th of July in Savannah this year! 

We started out our Monday going on the Alvord's boat out to an island to have lunch and hang out on the beach. Boating in Savannah is so cool! We got to drive through all the canals and went by river street. We loved every second. On the way back we saw 50 dolphins that were swimming right next to the boat- it was awesome.

Later that night we went with the Nelson's + the Thome's to see the firework show on post. It was the second year in a row that I cried watching my kids watch the fireworks. 

The next day we went swimming then had a bbq/did street fireworks with our whole neighborhood. Have I written on here how obsessed I am with our neighborhood? So happy with our decision to live on base. It was special to spend our American holiday with so many military families. The kids had a blast and loved the fireworks.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


We have really gotten into a groove here in Savannah and are loving living here. The beach, our ward, awesome neighborhood, downtown Savannah, Calvin's preschool... there's just a lot to do here. I am pretty sure that Calvin has more friends here than I have ever had before, haha. During Mae's nap every day he just goes outside and rides his bike with all of the neighbor kids. It's the best.

Tyson and Devee came to visit! It was so fun to have them here. Plus they were really nice about me spraining my ankle and being lame for a couple of days. We did show them around Savannah, went to wormsloe, and spent a day at Hilton head. Taylee is the cutest.

One of my favorite thing about living here is my workout group. We meet at Forsyth and workout with an instructor for an hour with our kids in the stroller, then the kids all play together until lunch. I feel like I am in better shape than I have ever been and love having the support of the other women.

I turned 28 in May! I went out to dinner with my cute family, Dal made me a cake, then I went to a girl's night with some of my favorite ladies. It was a good day.

We go to the beach so so much. The kids love it! I love it. We go twice a week. It is starting to get a little more stressful to go without Dallin because Mae is really brave now. Dallin is getting really good at skimboarding and Calvin loves riding his boogie board.

Calvin finished both t-ball and preschool. I cannot say how much we loved his school. It was soooo cute and we were so sad it ended. He learned a lot and made a bunch of friends. He was always really excited on preschool days. For a full week in June both kids went to Eli's place for summer camp and Mae LOVED it.

Mae's first day of preschool. She didn't even look back when I dropped her off.
The young women had to go on a hike for girl's camp and they  needed a priesthood holder so it was a family affair. We went to skidaway island and it ended up being really fun and super pretty. Calvin hiked the whole 3 miles.

 Mostly we have been at stroller moms, the beach, with friends, or trying to spend as much time with Dal as we can before he leaves.
seeing alligators at Oatland wildlife park

Lindsey visiting means purple hair!
Calvin melts my heart
Jaynee's birthday girls night. Love her.
These 2 spend more time together than apart
med school bff girl's night via facetime

skimboarding in the rain

love being in the young women's
picnic at Forsyth with friends. love that park.

Love all these little buddies.

After chasing them for an hour, Mae finally caught a chicken at the Elam's house

Day date downtown at the pink house

best babysitter ever

bbq with awesome friends


those specks in the sunset ocean are my kids

fun at Liam's bday party 
hanging out with cute Gwen