Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lewis gets blessed

We were so grateful that everyone came to town for Lewis' blessing day. We had every member (just missing Kasi) of both of our families in attendance. It was the best weekend ever.

Saturday started off with a hike up big cottonwood canyon with the Mitchells. In the evening we played baseball at the elementary school with BOTH of our families and it was the best ever.

Dallin gave Lewis a really beautiful blessing + everyone came over after for brunch. It was lovely. We had to have a sad goodbye with all of Dallin's family afterward because we wouldn't be seeing them again before moving to Texas. We love our families. and Lewis.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

St. George with Dal

We spent a week in St. George after Dal got home. We had a lot of fun but the highlight of the trip was definitely our lake trip. We stayed in a cute condo and went boating for 2 days. It was perfect. We also went hiking, spent time with Bud and Juanita, and spent a couple of days at a cabin up at Brianhead celebrating Braden's birthday.