Monday, September 28, 2015

Brenna + Amy come to WA!!!

I had been so, so excited for Amy and Brenna to come to visit, but the whole trip exceeded my expectations. It was sososo good to see them. Our babies loved each other. I had to get after Calvin a few times for loving on Henry a little too much.

I picked them up from the airport on Saturday. We went to Herfy's for lunch on the way home because it is my favorite. After we got settled we took the picnic I had made to Priest Point Park and went for a little hike, then ate a picnic dinner in the rose garden place. It was the perfect evening. Seriously. Oh, and to top it off we went babyless to Target after putting them to bed. I was so elated to see Amy and Brenna and it was super fun showing them around my new home.

 The next morning we went to church. All 3 of our boys sat nicely while Mae was a crazy woman, like always. After church we went for a walk through the woods by my house then ate dinner at home. It was fun watching Amy and Brenna appreciate the fall since they are currently living in 100 degree fall weather. In the evening we went down by the waterfront to see the view and the crabs. We ended the night playing the 4 person game and eating homemade cinnamon rolls. Mmmm. 
Henry + Cal's matching jammies. Seriously they loved each other

Sunday best

Love these babies

I love this photo and everyone in it (also... everyone is looking at the camera!!)

Down by the waterfront near downtown Olympia

On Monday we went into Seattle. I knew we had to go there while we were visiting, but I honestly thought it was going to be pretty hard since we had so many little babies. It ended up being the most fun I have ever had going to Seattle and all of the kids were angels! They all slept the whole way there and did great the whole time- except for Calvin who was crazy hyper during dinner. But mostly they were so awesome. Anyway, we started out eating at Ivar's along the pier. After walking around a little, we headed to Pike's place. It wasn't as crowded as usual so it was easier to get through with all of our strollers. We explored there, bought fresh salmon and flowers, saw the gum wall, then went to Kerry Park that had the most awesome view of the skyline. It was so pretty! But while we were there Mae did not want to be held at all, but when I put her down she would crawl super fast away from me to try to find gross things on the ground to eat. We ate dinner at this awesome burger place and fell in love with Seattle. It is the coolest city. All of the kids slept the whole way home. Best day ever.
Pike's place flowers

On Tuesday we went to Snoqualmie Falls. I had never been there in the fall and was sooo pretty with the changing leaves. The babies weren't quite as laid-back as the previous day, but it was fun. Calvin was a trooper and hiked the whole thing by himself (the way back is pretty steep uphill). I was proud of him. We got cleaned up that evening and went to Tugboat Annie's for dinner. I love that place. After we put the babies to bed we went to Walmart and then stayed up until 2:30 in the morning! I was dreading them leaving the next day! 

They had to go home on Wednesday :( We spent the morning at home so the boys could nap before their flight. We made cookies and watched Pitch Perfect 2. I had so much fun and was so happy to see my friends. I keep thinking I am homesick for Vegas, but I am pretty sure it is just our Vegas people I am homesick for. Cannot wait until we are together again.

(p.s the ride home from dropping them off at the airport was the worst! I had to have Calvin be with a babysitter so we could fit all the luggage in the car. All of the freeway entrances going south were blocked off by police cars so after two hours of driving around aimlessly and being no closer to my house I called the police dispatch people bawling because I couldn't figure out how to get home and pick up my boy. There is not a way to get to my house from the airport without taking the freeway and I went to 6 different entrances that were all blocked off. Dal ended up picking him up after work and I got home FOUR HOURS after leaving the airport. Turns out the Chinese President was in town and they were trying to control traffic for him by blocking the freeway entrances...)