Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soldier Update

Dallin has been in Texas at officer training camp for almost 3 weeks now. It is really hot and he has long days, but he has really liked it for the most part. He has had a great experience from the military and feels like they teach good values. I am proud of him.
I am just roaming around Salt Lake, St. George, and Vegas.
I miss Dallin like crazy, but it has been fun to see so much family.
These pictures are from our father's day picnic/hike.

3 weeks until I head to Texas to pick Dallin up and bring him home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am currently almost 22 weeks pregnant, so more than halfway!
I wish I could say that I thought it has gone by fast, but it has not. 
9 months is a long time... I am just anxious for him to get here already.

Pregnancy so far
-Throwing up daily from week 8 until currently
-Lemon Heads
-Fast growing hair
-Crying during commercials 
-Crying all the time
-Lack of any kind of appetite
-8 seasons of Grey's Anatomy
-Disneyland and Mexico
-Coolest gender reveal ultrasound
-Getting another ultrasound 2 weeks later, but throwing up every 5 minutes...
in the doctor's office
-Current name front runner: Calvin
-Bump finally showing up a week ago
(right after Dal left for Texas)
-PB&J for every single meal for a full 3 months
-Feeling my first kick at 21 weeks!!!
-Pregnancy journal
-Minor breakdown in the Mexican airport
-An excited future dad

Sunday, June 10, 2012

And then there was one

Dallin left for Texas on Friday afternoon. I only made a small scene at the airport. He will be gone for 6 weeks, which seems like a long time. Lucky for me, I have an awesome family and in-laws to keep me company until July 24th. Utah, here I come!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cabo San Lucas

 We just got back from the most incredible trip we have ever been on. Our friend's dad has a gorgeous house in Cabo, so we spent 16 days there celebrating these guys being finished with their first year of medical school. We have the greatest friends ever... it was seriously so awesome. 

The house was on a hillside overlooking the ocean, and was in a gated community with a private beach. It had an awesome pool and hot tub, and we each got our own room and bathroom. There was a costco close by, so we cooked most of our meals at the house, which ended up being really cheap.

We spent a lot of time at the private beach... we were usually the only people there. The boys loved playing in the waves and skimboarding. We spent one day at the public beach, which was super busy. We ate mangos there and went for a ride on a water-weeny. My favorite beach was sunset beach... and we went twice! There are sea lions everywhere, cool rocks to climb and jump off of, and the waves are super calm. We went to church both Sundays we were there. We had the missionaries over for dinner one Sunday, and the other we had a member come with her two cute daughters. One day we drove to a waterfall. It was this pretty oasis of fresh water in the middle of a random desert... it was super cool. One of our friends is a surfer, so we spent one day at Zipper's beach and rented surf boards and paddleboards. It was so fun! We ate dinner that night at a cute grill on the beach. We spent a lot of time shopping and had fun bargaining with people at the flea market.

My 23rd birthday fell while we were there. I went on the most scenic run of my life in the morning, then Dallin took me on a moped ride through the city, then to a lunch overlooking the ocean. It was lovely, except I threw up suddenly and the only place I had to run was to the ocean because I didn't have time to find a bathroom. I am pretty sure I ruined a lot of people's romantic lunches... oops. We went to the beach later, then we had steak for my birthday dinner. My favorite! It is also the only thing that I have had a craving for at all since I have been pregnant... random. Anyways, we had the yummiest cake later and went to watch the sunset on the beach. Pretty ideal birthday.

I am usually pretty ready to come home when vacations are over, but we were really sad to leave. It was such a fun vacation with the greatest people. Until next time, Cabo.

The patio at the house

View from our house

Birthday moped ride

Birthday sunset watching

Lover's beach day 1
Divorce Beach

We were laying out on the beach when we suddenly hear Dallin yell, "I've got crabs!"

Love them so much

Boat ride

Making tin foil dinners on the beach

Pool at the house

Having the missionaries for dinner!

Pretty waterfall

I am in love with baby Olive

Boys diving into the ocean

Making a sand shark

Boat tour to see the arch

Jumping off the rocks

Girl's night

The member we met at church and had over for dinner

Me on a paddle board

Dallin on a surfboard

Skim boarding

Justin and Lindsey
Ali, Kavin, and baby Olive

Trying to make myself look pregnant

Dinner on our last night