Sunday, September 22, 2013

We love Disney

We just got back from an incredible Cali weekend with Dennis, Lisa, Lauren, Tyler, Nate & Katlyn.

On Friday we went to Disneyland. I was excited to experience one of our favorite places with Cal for his first time, but I honestly expected him to be neutral about it at best. I was wrong... Calvin loves Disneyland! Truly, he did not cry once all day long. There were no lines, the weather was ideal, and it was a perfect day! Best day that Dallin and I have had together at Disneyland, and this was our 6th time going together! We got to go on each big ride twice... Space Mountain is still my favorite. One time when Dallin took Cal while we all went on a ride, he came back and had won him a life-sized stuffed wiener dog- we got a kick out of it. Cal loved the World of Color show. I guess that there was something about the cheesy music, the light reflecting off of his little face, and watching him take it all in that really got to me. I had some major overwhelming gratitude for Cal and ended up sobbing through the whole show. Calvin does that to me every once in a while :) But seriously, it was one of my favorite Cal days to date.

We had a pretty low key day on Saturday in California, which ended up being really good because Cal got sick. We shopped, bowled, and watched the Utes beat BYU for the 4th year in a row.... a pretty solid day. We were all quite impressed at how good Cal was, all things considered... his fever is still at 102 today :(

Crashed when we got home

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photo Dump

Dallin had to go to St. George last weekend to register his car, but I couldn't go because I had Berkley & Sydney that weekend. We had a disagreement on who was going to have Cal during that time, and Dal ended up taking him with to St. George. I was telling my friend this and she responded, "So you won the argument?" Nope! Definitely didn't win. We disagreed because we both really wanted him with us. I don't know if that is normal, but I spend all day, every day with this little dude and the thought of being away from him for 24 hours doesn't sound fun at all to me. I just love being with him. I am grateful that Dal is equally as obsessed. Epilogue: Dal took Cal to St. George and he and the Mitchells had fun with him and I survived.

Here are some pictures of the past few weeks. I miss our family, but Vegas really feels like home to me. I love it here, especially our friends..and especially because it is finally not too hot to go outside. We are very excited to spend a month in Utah in October, but I think that we will miss it here.

Cal & Sloane

Swimming with Berks

Sleeping on the floor at Tyson & Devee's

With his nana and papa in St. George

Matching with Kaden

Happens most mornings when he finishes his large breakfast

Berks is obsessed with Dal

Some Berkley/Cal cuddling on our walk

We swing on the daily because he loves it

Confident in his manhood

Snowcones with the Young kids

Unloading the dishwasher

We love Green Valley

Cafe Rio

Max Brenner's for Lindsey's birthday