Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day/reunion/bridal shower in St. George

We headed back to St. George last weekend because Dallin had his TEN-YEAR high school reunion. Man, he is old. It was really fun to see all of his old friends... most of them I already knew. Because he was on student counsel, Dal was in charge of the game that we played. He did a great job. Afterwards we went to the Johnson's for a "cool kids reunion". Dallin went to the Johnsons for Sunday night treats every week growing up. Oh, and it was especially good to see newlyweds Tys & Devee!

We spent several days in St. George because I wanted to stay for Katlyn's bridal shower (which turned out very, very cute- by the way). We swam, wedding planned, I went on a few runs with Lisa and Liisa, and Cal became BFFs with his little cousin Ellie. Both babies learned to scoot themselves with their arms on basically the same day. We had a race and Ellie won. Cal is going to need to step up his game, and we are going to need to baby-proof our house soon!

And here is a Cal-Ellie picture overload... because I can't get enough of them.

Favorite aunt Laursie

We ended up being in Santa Clara over Father's Day. Dal & Cal are 2 peas in a pod. I made Dallin this video for Father's Day and Cal is seriously obsessed with it and I am obsessed with watching him be obsessed with it. Anytime he is upset I just plop him in front of the TV to watch his dad for a little bit... gets him every time. Watching Dallin become a dad has been the greatest thing. Cal and I are very grateful for him!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dallin's happy place without him

Cal & I went to Lake Powell for a couple of days this week and stayed in a house boat with the Mitchells, Freis, Berrys, and Copes. We wish that Dallin could have come, but he is busy studying his away/having panic attacks about boards. 

Cal did fantastic! He was happy and smiley the whole time. He wasn't sure about the boat and got super serious when he had his life jacket on. Dennis was even nice enough to pull us on the tub going super slow.

We had a nice couple of days, but we wish Dal could have come. 25 more days until boards are over!

Cal's first time tubing!

Monday, June 10, 2013

8 months

Calvin is pretty busy these days, and he is 8 months old!

This is what Cal is up to...
-His very favorite things are all things that he cannot play with (paper, coke cans, keys, laptop)
-He likes swimming and always splashes the entire time
-Sleeps 10 to 12 straight hours at night
-Said his first word (mama) this month!
-Was introduced to all sorts of new foods by his 2 grandmas (french friends,
ice cream, cupcakes, etc.)
-Eats absolutely any and every food I give to him, including a lemon... he sucked on it for 20 minutes!
-He and his dad have a little circus act where Dallin can lift Cal above his head with Cal standing on his hands. Cal LOVES it.
-Smiles every time he sees himself in the mirror
-Doesn't like getting dressed
-I spent my first night away from him this month and he did great! Much better than I did
-Sucks on his thumb more and more every day
-Still no teeth or crawling
-Loves Hobbes, watching Dallin's Father's Day video, and having my mom sing the "Rock-a-bye" song to him

Foot up in the stroller

Hanging out with dad at church

2 chins

Sucking on a lemon

Circus act with Dal

Happy swimmer

Splash pad fail

Smiling at himself in the mirror

Friday, June 7, 2013

Babies babies babies

Lots of babies around here the past few weeks. That is how I like it!

First and foremost, our favorite Taylor friends had their baby girl Sloane on May 3rd. She is a doll and I spend lots of time loving on her

Dal & Sloane at the hospital
She makes Cal looks huge
I have also been nannying for the Youngs for the past couple of weeks. Sydney & Berkley have been sleeping at our house. It has been fun, but it has kind of made me reevaluate how many children I want to have.

Berks & Cal buying patio furniture at Target

Otter pop in the new patio furniture

My park crew

Sydney loves Hobbes

I wore Berkley out- she fell asleep like this on her changing table

Berks & Cal
I also watched this little cutie from our ward. She is just 6 weeks old. She also makes Cal looks huge.

On an unrelated note, I have been making Cal's baby food and loving it. It is cheap and I am having fun with it.

Today was one of my favorite days with Cal so far in his life. He is becoming a real mama's boy (much to his father's dismay). He  smiles so big every time he sees me. He laughed his head off all day long... it was the best!

Good thing I have so many little people to keep me company (and big people-- I love my friends here!) because Dallin is never, ever home. He has his boards coming up at the beginning of July, so he generally leaves in the morning and comes home around midnight. Every couple of days, he comes home for an hour for dinner. We go visit him at the school sometimes, but we see him for one hour a day at the most.  I will be a single mom until the 8th of July!