Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jan-March + PNW = raaaaaain

Seriously rain all of the time!! But I guess the rain is probably why it is so beautiful here, right?

Alex did the 14-hour drive back to WA with me. The kids did so great! Mae just recently decided to not hate the car, so that is good. Alex spent the next few days with us (+ Parker and his wife were staying with us) and we had a great time with him.

Dallas took Cal to the monster truck show with some friends! he loved it 

We spent one of Dal's days off at the tacoma nature center. It has the coolest playground and a beautiful hike with turtles! 

I met Brittany (so fun to see her!) for lunch one day in Seattle. Since we were up there anyway, I decided to take the kids to Discovery Park. It is the prettiest. We spent like 5 hours there!

I have been to Priest Point Park 100 times now and I think it's the best every time. We will be sad to move away from this pretty place.

We had a fun day where we walked around the lake by the Capital with Tiffany + her girls. Mae was nuts and ran away the whole time... but it was foggy and so cool looking! 
Mae's cute buddy Brinnlyn

These 2 get along so well

Sunday selfie 

there is a full year between these next 2 photos with the same outfit! She never grows...

Dallin turned 31! and we threw him a Star Wars themed party. Calvin thought it was the best day of his life.

testing out their new table 
meeting cutest Gemma
We had a lot of church days without Dal the past few months 
She makes playing the piano in primary rough  (when dal is working)
Target + an extra buddy

He can do a 100 piece puzzle by himself now!

snoozin on my run
Dallin at church!!

Q's birthday party

taking her to any sort of store is kind of the worst..
Her last bottle! Finally got her weaned. She hated it.

A fun day at the gymnastics place with Jenna

Daddy's girl

She was super ticked about getting flour all over my kitchen...

Calvin's first time at the dentist! He did great. 

A little terror at church

Cal and I had an evening of camping at home to protest the rain
which included sleeping in a tent

He gave his first talk in primary and I maybe cried. He is soooo into primary and I think it's darling. 

best buds

And here's to hoping it doesn't rain every day in April too.