Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mt. Rainier (+Sherrie comes to Visit!)

 Sherrie came to Washington!! Calvin loves her + she is so easy to have. It was the best few days. We took her to Priest Point Park, went paddle boarding at the sound, spent an afternoon walking around downtown Olympia, picked blueberries, went to Tumwater Falls, and ate yummy food. Oh, and she babysat one night while Dal and I went out to dinner and bowling. It was the best.

We also went to Mt. Rainier while she was here. It was so beautiful. Unfortunately none of the pictures that I take in Washington really do it justice. bummer. We spent the day there and Calvin loved it. We found a little lake to eat lunch at and found some cool views of the mountain. We ate dinner at our favorite burger place on our way home.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Olympia in the Summa-time

We have been doing so many fun things this month (because the weather here!!). We hear that sometimes it rains in Washington... we are not believing it so far because it's been lovely. There are so many pretty places right next to our house. Adjusting here has also been much better this month when Dal isn't at work 7 days a week.

With the Douglass and Robbins family walking the Sequalitchew trail to the sound. 

The view of Mt. Rainier from the hospital where Dal works. 

The prettiest trail by our house! Cal is getting better at hiking at walked the whole 2 miles.

Long Lake with Tiffany and her girls.

Hired our first babysitter to have a date night with Dal's coworkers at this pretty place. 

I noticed there was a "superhero training" day at the library by our house. Calvin is obsessed with all things super hero and LOVED it. 

We headed straight from there to the farmer's market where Mae slept the whole time and Cal got some funny looks.

I got called to to be the primary pianist. Dal had to work my first day playing and Mae was super miffed about other people trying to take care of her and screamed most of the time.

"Mom, I climbed and reached the licorice! and I share with Mae!"

An afternoon with Benson. Mae wants to hang out with the big kids.
 Walking around tumwater falls with Jenna and Scout.

It finally rained! Scout was hanging out at our house that day. She and Calvin ran in the rain for a full hour and both were pretty bummed when I made them come inside.

Made some edible finger paints. Dal liked it more than Calvin.

We went up camping with some friends in our ward. We missed Dal (who was working), but Cal was in heaven running around with friends. Mae just ate a lot of dirt.

 We went to the point defiance zoo this weekend. Cal is getting more and more fun. Mae (surprisingly) looooved the fish. It was a superb day.

I do love Las Vegas, but summertime here is so much better!!