Sunday, December 8, 2013

A month of Christmas: Vegas week

We spent the first week of Dal's month off in Vegas and had fun with our little family. Here is a list of things we did because that is the easiest way for me to organize sometimes.

1. We got to see the Taylors on their way from Cali to Idaho. They came over for dinner and we (per tradition) ate cinnamon rolls and played hearts. We love them and can't wait for Mexico with them next week!

2. Went running with all 4 of us. Perfect running weather there! We are currently in SLC where it is most definitely NOT perfect running weather. I am trying to find a half marathon to run in the new year, so I have sort of been training for that.

3.  Dal had a boys night with Cal while I went to Bunco night at Brenna's. 

4. We decorated for Christmas... but only sort of because we will only be in Vegas for a week during December. Cal was super fixated on destroying all of the decorations on the tree that he could reach. I mostly gave up on redecorating it halfway through the week.

 5. We have discovered that Cal loves Sesame Street... which is fun for us because it turns out that show is actually quite entertaining. It is also fun because Calvin currently refuses to ever, ever be held. Sesame street is our best bet in getting some cuddle time. Showing him videos of himself on our phone is the other best bet.

6. Cal ate leftover Thanksgiving stuffing for every meal this week. He's obsessed.

 7. I am not super great at leaving Cal with babysitters that aren't mine or Dal's family. We decided to practice this week by going to see 'Catching Fire' at the galaxy theater while Cal stayed with Brenna & Eli. He did great and I am silly for worrying. Also... the Galaxy theater has reclining seats and it was awesome!

8. One night we made a gingerbread house. Since we were leaving town soon we let Cal destroy it after we were finished decorating. He is quite destructive so he loved it.

9. We went to the mall to see Santa and Calvin HATED him, which we expected since he was afraid of the characters in Disneyland. He doesn't seem to mind strangers, but I guess not when they are in costume. We also went for a dorky train ride around the mall which Cal seemed to just feel neutral about, but Dal and I had fun :)

10. Cafe Rio night

 11. Dal and I got in the Christmas spirit by watching 'Home Alone'. It had been a while and it was hilarious.

12. I went to a 'favorite things' party thrown by some girls in my ward. It was my first time at one and I loved it.

13. This little dude has been so much happier since he is been over his teething spell. It is so fun to watch him learn new things. His new tricks include giving high fives, playing peek-a-boo, giving kisses, signing 'all done' and 'more', and pointing to his nose when we say, "where's your nose?".

And now we are in Utah and it is freeeeezing, but we are happy to be here :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had such a great Thanksgiving in Salt Lake this year! 

We drove up on Tuesday evening after Dal's test. On Wednesday we shopped, cooked, and celebrated my mom's birthday at Rock Creek Pizza. Thanksgiving might be Cal's favorite holiday because he LOVES TO EAT! He might have eaten more than me. Dal went to play flag football with Max's friends on the morning of Thanksgiving. We ate dinner around 2 and it was so delicious. We ate ourselves sick, just the normal Thanksgiving stuff. Cal ate 3 helpings of everything, then he dumped all of the water in his sippy cup all over his tray and then slushed it around, so everyone within 3 people from Cal got splashed with watery stuffing, sweet potatoe, cranberry sauce mixture. Yumm. Calvin loves my family and it was a lovely holiday. Oh, and Max & Steph made Cal his own little banana cream pie and he ate the whole thing!

Friday we went to breakfast with Dave & Angela and Annie & Curtis. I love those girls and it was fun to see them. Cal was an angel baby the whole time. That evening we went with Alex to the temple for the first time to get his endowments out. It had been a while since we had been to the temple and it was a nice evening... thanks to Jackie and Steph for babysitting.

We left on Saturday morning to come back to Vegas, and stopped in St. George for the day to spend time with Dal's family. Cal got to see his cousins, we met their new puppy, and went bowling.
Making pies

Thanksgiving flag football

Trying to learn to walk

The Thanksgiving crew

Soo much pie

Outside of the Draper Temple

It was a fun weekend. Dal is officially on a month long break from school for all of December! We are spending 1 week in Las Vegas, 1 week in Salt Lake, 1 week in Mexico, and 1 week in St. George. Can't wait!