Monday, August 1, 2016

Saying goodbye to Washington :(

Not matching was kind of scary for us and this was supposed to be a weird, in-between year... so I am so incredibly grateful for our time in Washington being so amazing. Our easy transition, the people, our cute house, amazing ward, and sooo much great stuff to see there. I will always look back on this year with the greatest memories and I was way more sad leaving than I ever thought I would be after just one year.

We spent almost every single night during our last month here with different friends. We will miss so many people here!

I had a birthday! I went to breakfast at a cute place downtown then we went to Tacoma when Dal got home and went to dinner (Mae even kind of behaved herself) and found the cuuutest park and it was lovely. Plus Dal made me a delicious cake!

at breakfast with my babies

Some of my friends from high school stayed at our house for a few days so they could jump off a crazy high bridge. It was fun to see them but stressful to watch their bridge jumping because I have 2 toddlers and I almost had a heart attack watching them run around up there.

Calvin flying the drone

We had a Saturday spent at Black Lake with the Paynters. I had low expectations for Mae but she loved it and kept her life jacket on! Woot! It was the best day. We love that family.

Me + Tiffany with our babies

Meeting Jenna and Sam's new baby Rory! The cutest.
We had many fires with Tiffany and John, which were all difficult since it was so rainy all the time

Always sunday selfies

Trying to stick the littles in front of the TV so we can have game night

Calvin's first photo
Long lake with buddies

Chambers Lake by our house

A rare moment where Mae sits still
We went camping with the Harris'. we love them!

Calvin and his buddies

Sesqualitchew trail with Amiecheri and her kids

Calvin and Benson kept catching crabs in their shovel!

End of intern year graduation

Catching more crabs
This place was a 3 min walk from our house

Hiking at Tumwater falls with the Harris'

So sad that Kailee moved to WA right before we left. On a hike with her at Rattlesnake Ridge

Cookies for the kids' teachers on our last day at church :( I was so sad.  Best ward EVER.

Fathers Day

With the Harris family watching our husbands skateboard at the skate park and our kids got SOAKED in this puddle
Calvin and Mae would not leave the movers alone

Dennis and Lisa came out to drive one of our cars to SLC. They are the nicest.

Watching the Bachelor with some fellow resident wives

The start of our drive...

And now we are in Utah. Happy to see family but I already miss Washington.
Thankful for the most amazing year there.