Saturday, December 17, 2016


2 weeks after we got here, my 3 best friends from medical school all came to stay at our house with their babies. It was the best week everrrrrr. Oh, and also super exhausting- we did so much stuff with so many toddlers on like 3 hours of sleep per night. I love my girls so much.

We spent several full days exploring downtown Savannah,  spent a day with the perfect weather at the beach in Hilton Head, shopped, ate good food, and took a walk around Wormsloe Plantation. Showing visitors around always makes me love my city even more. 

Over the weekend we all drove up to North Carolina (Dal came too). We went to the beach and celebrated Lindsey's bday.

It was the greatest week ever. I love my best friends (+ their kids) so much. I wish we all still lived by each other. Each night after we put the kids to bed we would go out shopping and then stay up talking and having Linds do our hair until 3 am. Kids waking up at 7 came pretty dang early that week. The day after they left I fell asleep at 8 pm!  

at my favorite park downtown

Eating at Goosefeathers

Naps while shopping
Amy fixing Calvin up after he sliced his chin open

Hilton Head

I really love this street in the Wormsloe Plantation

So many pictures but I love all of them. I am not really sure what I would do without any of these 3 women in my life. 

Amy flew out of Atlanta so the kids and I drove the 3 hours to drop her off at the airport. Afterwards we decided to explore Atalanta a little bit. We went to the cool Olympic park and Ikea. It's a cool city. My kids were super cute that day and I loved spending the day with them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Getting settled in Savannah

We went straight to our new place after our long drive from Utah. The neighborhood seems like it is nothing to write home about, but there were kids everywhere! Even right when we pulled up. It made me so excited. We live on a quiet street that leads into a circle, so all of the neighborhood kids just run around without us having to worry. Mae is still too young to be out there without me, but it is so nice for Calvin. 

My parents got there with Mae that evening. They were only able to stay for one day, so we made the most of it. We went to the beach then walked along river street + ate dinner at the Pirate house (one of the oldest restaurants in the country + real pirates drank there). I was glad they got to see our new place and really grateful they took Mae for us. 

This place is a 3 minute walk from our house

Of course we saw the Taylors as soon as we got here! Lindsey came right after my parents left. True friendship because my house was a disassssster. We took a break from putting our stuff away to spend a weekend in Lumberton, NC. We got to see their house and go to the beach. We love our Taylor family so much. 

Our transition here was super easy because our ward is friendly and everyone in our neighborhood is our age. There are seriously 8 other 1 year old girls for Mae to play (fight) with just on our street. We are really happy with our decision to live on base.

Calvin started soccer. He is really bad at it but he loved it, haha

Our ward party. Dal loved it. I didn't eat any...

First day in a big girl bed. She transitioned so awesome! The kids share a room now and they love it.