Monday, January 23, 2012

Not really cut out for this thing

This unemployment thing, that is...
I feel like I have always thought, "Oh, what I would do with some more time!" Tell you what... I have a lot of time on my hands these days, and I am pretty sure I have not been doing with it what I had planned. I am used to being real busy, so this whole not-being-real-busy thing is sort of throwing me for a loop. Good news-- 2 interviews next week!

{Other than the unemployed and being a waste of space thing} I love Henderson! I have been spending my days running to cool parks, learning to cook, watching 20/20 episodes, watching Dallin study, and reading.

Lauren and Zane came to visit last weekend! They are my favorite. We took them to Red Rock and Hoover Dam... dam jokes are funny. 

Alsoooooo, Dallin had birthday today! Our budget kept me from spoiling him like I would have liked, but we had a nice weekend anyway. We have more leftover cake than anyone will ever know what to do with. 

Hoover Dam

Red Rock 

Climbing-- I love them

Henderson sunsets are my favorite

Glad this guy was born 27 years ago

Monday, January 9, 2012

Henderson in Review

     It has now been a whole month since I moved to Nevada, but I have only been here for a total of like 8 days. I first got here right in the middle of Dallin's first week of finals as a med student, so I only saw him between the hours of 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. Luckily I had a lot of visitors. Jackie came for the weekend and helped me move all of my stuff in and decorate for Christmas. My sister-in-law and her cute baby came for a couple of days after she left, then I got to spend 3 days babysitting this cutie.

     Our apartment looked nice and festive because of my grandpa, who made us this awesome tree.

    We drove to Salt Lake the day after Dal took his last final. 
The first night we were there we went to see my favorite friend star in a play at the Draper Theater. 
She stole the show!

We also played games with my family, went to the Outsen family Christmas party,  saw the lights at temple square, went to a sing-a-long at the Delta Center, got to see all of my best friends, went to lunch with my Grandparents, and opened presents.

All of my sisters


Lunch with my grandparents
    I was rather dramatic when we left Salt Lake. This past semester was the last time that I would live close to my family for 12 years! 

Guess who took ZERO pictures of Christmas or New Years... whoops.
We had a superb Christmas in St. George. 
We spent our time seeing Santa, visiting Grandma Barbara, eating, skyping with Elder Mitchell and Elder Outsen, and hanging out with Dallin's neices and nephews.

For Christmas, Dallin got me a picture of Christ to hang in our house. I love it.
We went back to Vegas the day after Christmas because I got Dallin tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld live at the Colosseum. He was so funny! The guy that sat next to us asked me if I was embarrassed that Dallin was laughing so loud. We loved Jerry.


    We were back to St. George by the next day so that Dallin could watch his dad get surgery on his nose. Dallin thought it was so cool that he thinks he wants to be an ENT doctor now. It changes daily. We spent New Years in Pine Valley with a bunch of our friends.

    Dal headed back to school the next day, while I drove to Denver with Dallin's sister, her 4 kids, and my mother-in-law. We stopped in Salt Lake for a few days on our way there. My sisters had fun babysitting the kids while we visited Dallin's grandma in the hospital. I really lucked out in the in-law department.

On our way to Denver. The drive was MUCH prettier than my usual Salt Lake to Vegas drive.

I got home yesterday. Today is my first day of job hunting... it is intimidating. I am now trying to remember why I was so excited to graduate from college. Dallin is studying his brains out, and I am happy to be here.