Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Post for Shellee

I love lists. I am the type of person who writes something on a list after I have 
finished it just so that I can cross it off. So here is a listy post.

1. I ran the Salt Lake half a couple of weekends ago. 
My mom, sisters, and aunt did the 5k.
 It was great!

2. My cute grandpa turned 80!

Not sure what Jackie is doin in this picture...
3. We had a lovely Easter sunday.
My parents made a scavenger hunt for all of the kids.
They sent us all around the neighborhood.

Example of one of the clues-
"Now go to the place with cigs and beer,
if you do, Norvehc will cheer".

Answer- Chevron
(Norvehc is Chevron backwards)

Speaking of Easter, I am a little obsessed with this song
I listened to it like 12 times in a row on Sunday... just ask Dallin.

4. I hate finals and snow in April.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome April

April Fools Day Fail

This is what I did to our sink on April Fool's Day eve so that Dallin would spray himself...

This was the result the next morning....

That one kind of backfired on me.

April Fools Success
- Hacking both Dallin and my dad's ksl accounts and posting that they were giving away ferrets and kittens. My dad got like 45 calls!

IN OTHER NEWS.... Spring is great. 
3 reasons why I love spring.

Reason #1- Picnics in the park

Reason #2- Bonfires

Reason #3- General Conference

Addy with President Monson after Conference

The Dallins