Monday, November 30, 2015

I love visitors

We had some awesome visitors right after we got back from Utah... Maren and her friends came and stayed with us for the weekend and we had the best time with them visiting Seattle, walking in the rain, and eating out. Calvin loved all of the attention and I love Maren. 

We also got to see Richard, Amy and Kaley for a night and it was great. 
Dal had to go to Texas for a training for a whole week this month, so Sherrie came to stay with me. She was so helpful and made the time go by so much faster. We went for hikes, saw Snoqualmie Falls, went for a drive around Point Defiance, and Sherrie spoiled them with gifts. I was grateful that she came. 

Hiking at Watershed

Sherrie stayed with Mae on Sunday while Cal and I went to church. He was so cute and excited to "go on a date to church" with mom.

Snoqualmie Falls

Our nightly ritual of putting Mae to bed then all 3 of us watching her do funny things in her bed before she falls asleep

Rainy day
We love Tugboat Annie's
We really missed him, but Dallin really enjoyed his training!

The rest of the month was full of Dallin studying to take his boards. Cannot wait until he is done with those dumb tests! It has been raining like crazy and we have been trying to see all that we can here since we have discovered we will likely only be here for a year.

The Hand's on museum here is one of our favorite places! Fun afternoon with Tiffany and her girls.

Calvin is obsessed with church
The kids were sooo happy to see Dal when he got home from Texas

Mae with her little friend Brinlynne 

Practicing her standing at library storytime
She did this 5 times before I put it on a higher shelf...
When the kids wake up they both want a drink and snuggle for a half hour in bed with me and it is seriously my favorite

more sugar...
Calvin's first time at primary! I am glad that I am the pianist so that I can watch him. He was super reverent but also looked pretty bored, haha.

Found a new trail (not hard to do here)

Out to dinner with their buddy Maxwell (and sad the Smith's are moving!)

Undecorating the tree
This is super rare these days

Walking the chehaylis trail on Dal's day off

love love my babes
The past month or so Mae has gotten so much easier! She plays with Calvin now so I can sometimes do things besides entertain her. She loves to wrestle with Dallin and is getting better at walking. She gives kisses and hugs on demand and finnnnnally sleeps through the night. Woohoo!