Monday, August 26, 2013

Utah family weekend

Dallin came home at noon on Thursday and announced that he was off work early and didn't have to go in the next day, so we decided to spend the weekend with our families in Utah.

We hung out in St. George on Thursday evening- Cal was so happy to see Kaden and Ellie... he loves them. We drove to SLC with Lisa and Dennis to watch Lauren play soccer and see my family for about 12 hours. I would say it was worth it! We had never been to any of Lauren's soccer games since she has been on the high school team, so it was fun to watch her. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lots of favorite things this weekend

This weekend had a lot of my favorite things going on... namely hiking, friends, running, Third Eye Blind, and my parents. Oh- and Dallin and Cal, of course.

Friday evening we went to Mt. Charleston with some of our friends. I felt like I was hiking in Utah again! Too bad it was an hour from our house. It felt so nice because it is 20 degrees cooler up there...  Cal even needed a jacket! We hiked to Mary Jane Falls, which ended up only being 3 miles roundtrip, but the way up felt longer with lots of switchbacks. I like Vegas, but I reeeeeally miss hiking. Also, I have never seen Cal so happy in his entire 10 months. He loved it. The 3 dogs were also in heaven. We ended the evening with 5 Guys...yumm.

The next night Third Eye Blind was doing a free concert on Fremont Street, so we left Cal with a babysitter! Our first time leaving him with someone besides family (except for when we left him with Lauren ev when he was just a wee one for an hour while we went to sacrament meeting). I was a little stressed, but he slept the entire time at the Taylor's. Third Eye Blind was soo fun. I knew every word to every song. They even sang "Motorcycle Drive By" and "Crystal Baller"! My favorites. It was really crowded and we felt kind of old,  but it was way fun.

When we got home from the concert my parents were waiting for us at our house!!! We were so happy to see them. Cal recognizes them now and it is so fun. He even reached for my mom when I was holding him. They took Cal while we "went to stake conference", then we had the Taylors over and all ate lasagna, went to see the turtles in the Wetlands Park, and played the 6-player game. I loved having them there. My dad left early Monday morning to work in St. George. My mom watched Cal on Monday while I went to the doctor to see if I can figure out what on Earth is going on with my stomach to have made me lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Then we went to Target, got some Rita's, and drove to meet my dad in Mesquite. Cal and I went swimming with them at their hotel. He did not particularly like the slide... or swimming. We are still working on making him like water. But he did love the buffet after. I was really sad to leave them, but excited we will see them all of October!
Superman shirt Grandma Special bought for him
Cal & Sloane on a walk in the rain to see the turtles

Going down the slide

Cal and I are loving having Dal home so much now that boards are done. He has been doing internal medicine this month- he likes the doctor he is working with and usually gets home early. This summer has been great, but I am ready for fall. It's bloody hot here!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A week in Vegas

We have been out of town so much lately that I feel like it has been a while since we were in Vegas for a whole week.  Here is what has been going on.

-Sunday we had a game night at our house with the Taylors, Robkers, and Riners. Dallin makes fun of me because if I have particularly good or bad cards I like to take a picture to show later. Also, it was this night that Dallin lost his crown- which is a $1,000 fix. We all looked for it for a while and I was embarrassed because we somehow have cheerios under every piece of furniture in our house. We never found it but the dentist that Brenna works for was able to give us $400 off!

-For family night we went to Panda(our favorite) and Cal ate an entire helping of chow mein!
-Lindsey came over and cut 8 inches off of my hair on Tuesday. I really needed a change and I love it. Lindsey is a muy talented haircutter. Brenna and Amy were also there... ya know, for moral support.

-I went to Max Brenner's on the strip with some lovely ladies from my ward on Thursday evening. I am obsessed with that place! 

-Friday night we bought a little $17 barbeque from Walmart and had the Borups, Robkers, Hafens, and Riners over... and all 11 of us fit around our little table. It was a blast and I am so happy that we have awesome friends here.

-Saturday our little family was quite the sight to see... all 3 of us had some weird stomach bug (that is STILL going on with Dal and I). We literally watched 12 episodes of "Friday Night Lights" in our pajamas. We were pretty pathetic. We still have not really gotten better. Last night I attempted to go running with Brenna and Amy, but had to make them walk the last mile because I was feeling so crummy, and ended up having to pull over to throw up on the way home. I had a little meltdown in the middle of the night last night thinking about one day being pregnant again. I would love to have another baby, but my pregnancy with Cal was so awful. How sick I was yesterday would have been a good day in the life of pregnant Sam. I had these flashbacks to throwing up 7 times during our 45 minute wait in the Mexican airport, throwing up on Dallin's lap on my birthday, throwing up into the wind in a Old Navy parking lot and having it come back into my face, coming 3 seconds away from vomitting on Lauren on the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland, passing out and throwing up repeatedly in the Las Vegas Temple, and hearing about the "golden 2nd trimester" and wondering why I was still so sick at 30 weeks. Anyway, I would love to have another baby but I am extremely nervous about being pregnant again. On the plus side, Cal was only sick for 1 day... but he is super cuddly when he is sick.

-We got to have Berks and Sydney on Sunday and Monday while TJ & Adrian were moving. I missed them! Berks loves Cal now, it is so fun and I am sad they are moving so far away.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 Months

Cal is 10 months old now! 

Here is what he is up to...
-Sweats 90% of the time- probably takes after his Uncle Max
-Still army crawls, but has learned to get onto his knees bum from his stomach
-Still toothless
-We are a little addicted to nursing. I have loved it up until now, but I am nervous now that I am wanting to start weaning soon...
-He loves his bed. He never, ever cries when we put him to bed! We are not sure what time he actually wakes up in the morning because when Dal goes in to get him at 7:00 he is always just chilling in there (awake).
-He has started cuddling with his blanket and stuffed animals and it is super adorable
-Screams his head off every time he gets dressed
-Learned to clap!
-As of a couple of weeks ago he gets soo, soo happy when Dal gets home, but still prefers me when he is tired
-The stroller is his favorite place to be
-Says "dada", "mama", "lala", and "baba"
-Still kind of hit or miss with the pool
-I have been feeding him the homemade baby food that I have just because we have it, but he prefers to eat what we are eating- strawberries seem to be his favorite
-He is pretty vain and gets a kick out of seeing himself in the mirror/videos of himself

So sweaty!

First baseball game