Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow Bunnies

It basically snowed the entire time we were in Salt Lake and I LOVED IT!!!
I  miss my snow.

The best girl's trip!!!

Brenna, Lindsey, Amy and I (Tessa was there for a few days too) somehow managed to all get together with no babies for 3 days before I went back to Washington and it was the very best!! I miss them so, so much. Seriously it was the greatest and like we had never been apart.

We shopped, ate lots of food, saw the ice castles, stayed up late, got pedicures, and spontaneously cut half of my hair off. And would it really be a girl's trip if I didn't get violently ill? Luckily it was the day we were leaving. I couldn't even stand up to pack my stuff so Brenna had to do it for me. But besides that it was the best girl's trip and I am counting down the days until we can do it again. Love my Vegas girls!

Welcome home, Alex!!

We drove from St. George to spend a week in Salt Lake to see Alex get home from his mission in Albania! He had missed the kids so much (and had yet to meet Mae), so we were really excited for him to come back. Dal got to stay in SLC for 6 days with us! Then he flew back and I stayed a little longer to go to Alex's homecoming. 

On the way we got to see Eli and Brenna! Maren picked the kids up after they were done eating so it was basically the best lunch ever :) And I hadn't seen Henry since he was a newborn so it was awesome to see them.

Then we got to go to the airport to get Alex!! The Taylors were flying home from Cabo and had a layover in SLC so we went early so we could see them for a glorious 20 minutes and we miss them so much. Besides Mae being a terror, it was fun waiting at the airport with my family. Alex was really cute with the kids and it was so good to see him! Dallin and I are really proud of him. 

We drove up to Park city with my whole family to go sledding and it was so fun! The kids had fun running around in the snow and it was a really fun hill. Plus, I just really like being with my family.

We spent the rest of the week mostly just hanging out with my family and it was so great. Calvin loves them and it is the best.  
'Cheers' to the new year

Sledding with Kaely and Braden's family

dancing on the table

His new came my grandpa made for him

Amy and Jerrick stopped by!!!!

Playing bingo on a Friday night. I didn't win.
We went to jungle jim's with Dennis and Lisa + Kaden, Ellie and lucas

New Year's drinking 

Alex did really great during his homecoming talk. Welcome home, brother!