Monday, November 18, 2013

A dallin week and LA weeeknd

Dallin had a couple of days off this week, so we got to see him a bunch. One of the days we headed up to Red Rock and went hiking. It was so pretty!! Getting out of the (ugly) Vegas flatness was refreshing and we had such a nice time. Cal loved his pack and loves being outside. It was great.

This weekend I went with 4 of my girlfriends to meet up with Lindsey in LA. I missed my boys, but it was really fun. Lindsey was a great host and we spent our time going to the Santa Barbara pier, shopping, hot tubbing, roasting s'mores, obsessing over baby Sloane, running, and oh so much eating. We ate fantastic food! I feel blessed to have such good friends here in Vegas.

Dallin and Cal got some quality father/son bonding while I was gone. Dal went to St. George and spent time with his family. My parents were also in St. George at the time, so they watched Cal one night while Dallin went camping with his dad. It was for sure the longest that I have been away from Cal. I really missed him, but I like that he and Dal could have some one-on-one time... and I especially like how much Dallin wanted Cal to stay with him, rather than come with me to California.  I like them.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Festivities: Ragnar Edition

I ran Ragnar Las Vegas this weekend with some friends and it was a blast! I had a ton of fun with the people in my van and hope to do another Ragnar sometime because it was great. My legs were not very hard, so the running part wasn't that stressful. My favorite leg was my first one- it was 5 miles down Mt. Charleston and was super pretty!

My van

At the finish line

Love this girl
 I was really stressed about this weekend because I was going to be gone all of Friday and a lot of Saturday and Dal was on-call at the hospital. Lauren came down for Friday so she could watch Cal all day for us. Dallin only ended up having to work for 3 hours, so he got to hang out with them all day. They couldn't really leave the house since he was on-call, but I think they had fun. He didn't end up having to go in on Saturday or Sunday either, so it was funny that I was so stressed about it when Dal ended up being around most of the weekend. 

Lauren, Cal & Hobbes
Bonding while I was gone
I really missed my little dude for those 2 days, even though he has been kind of grumpy for the last couple of days (maybe/hopefully due to teething... the kid still only has 2 teeth at 13 months!). Saturday night we just cuddled and relaxed since I was so tired. We let Cal stay up like 2 hours past his bedtime since he was being so cuddly. We are pushovers.
 Sunday was the primary program. Cal looked super cute in his little preppy vest. We had the Hafens over for dinner... we are glad they live in Vegas now.

Until next year, Ragnar.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Well, we were back in Vegas for Halloween! It was a good time. We took Cal trick-or-treating to some friend's houses. He didn't want to hold the bucket at all, or eat the candy. He mostly just wanted to crawl around, but he looked super awesome as a baby zombie! We went to our ward Halloween party afterwards, where Cal won the 'scariest costume' award. Woot woot. The day after Halloween we went to a superb party hosted by the borups. Brenna is the greatest party planner ever and it was so fun! Cal was pretty happy the whole time... we went as robbers & money. I don't love Halloween, but having a baby makes this holiday much more awesome.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our last couple of weeks in Utah

We had such a great time in Utah! Cal loves it there. Las Vegas feels like home to us now, but my heart might always be in Utah... especially in October, the most beautiful of months! Here is what went on the last couple of weeks...

 Lots of time spent with Kaely, Kaden & Ellie, including babysitting for an afternoon during Braden's surgery.

Girl's night reunion since Nicki was in town from New York!

 A few of Lauren's soccer games since they were up north for the playoffs.

A hearts tournament! Everyone put in $10 and had to play a minimum of 10 games. Jackie won.

Dallin spent several days at my grandparent's house building doors for our living room to replace the ugly mantel. He got some quality time with my grandpa, and the doors look so great! It was a win-win.

An afternoon at the pumpkin patch with my mom.

The Westview Ward Halloween party. Cal did not like his bumblebee costume... apparently it makes crawling more challenging.

 Seeing Jackie off to her first dance!


 Cornbelly's with Lauren and Zane. That place is awesome... can't wait to take Cal there next year.

We got to meet the Woodward's sweetest grandbaby Jackie. She was born without any legs and only 1 arm and she is the most precious thing.

A triple date with the Annie, James, & Liza Brewster and Angela & Dave Hatch. It was so fun!

 Wheeler farm and Gardner Village with cousins. Cal reeeeally loves Kaden.

Annual pumpkin carving competition. Cal & my dad's potato head pumpkin won! I think that the judges are biased.

Not pictured...
-Double date with Amy & Alex Stoddard to CPK, where we ate our favorite butter cake
-A Saturday afternoon with Zac... we miss him
-Lots of time spent with Doug, Mark, Graham & company, including late night sushi 
-A trip to Provo to take Max's lunch and see his place
-Winger's with Angela & Dave
-"Captain Phillips" with Jackie & Dal
-Cafe Rio Wednesdays and Frozen Yogurt Mondays

First time in his big boy carseat

Good thing that Thanksgiving is not too far away!