Friday, November 18, 2016

Kasi + Robert get married in Croatia!

Back in August I went with my whole family (minus Dal and my kids) to Switzerland and Croatia to see Kasi and Robert's wedding. I was bummed that Dallin couldn't be there but it was so, so fun! The wedding was so beautiful and ti was great to spend so much time with my family.

The plane ride over was awesome- whole row to myself + kid free airplane ride. We were greeted in Switzerland by our favorite Keller family (who we stayed with while we were there). We just really love their whole family. We went straight to a cute little town where we took a train up to the top of the alps. It would have been the coolest view except for it ended up being bad weather so we couldn't see a foot in front of us. Bummer. The views on the boat ride to Lucerne made up for it. It was incredible! And lucerne was the coolest city ever. We went back to Barbara's house and she made us raclette. It was delicious!!

That night i hardly slept at all because I didn't feel well. My dang stomach sometimes! I didn't feel good most of the day but I powered through. We went to lake constance and walked around the gardens. Later we walked around the cool city by lake constance (we were in germany by that point). Rachel and I made an excuse to leave dinner early so we could go set up a spot for Bryan to propose. My dad hired an awesome singer that played Josh Groban and it ended up being the coolest proposal ever. So happy for those 2!

We spent our last morning in Switzerland walking around Zurich. It was fun, but my least favorite city of the ones we went to in Switzerland. Then we flew to Croatia! Dubrovnik is definitely the coolest place I have ever been. Not even sure how to describe it. We spent our time exploring the city, swimming in the bluest water, and hanging out with Robert and Kasi. One day we took a gondola up to the top of a mountain and were able to overlook the city. We also took a boat out to Lokrum Island one day and cliff jumped. My favorite thing that we did was walk the wall of the castle. It gave us the coolest views of the city and water!

The wedding ceremony was beautiful + Kasi looked amazing. It was fun to get to meet their England friends. They made a great couple and we are happy for them. After the ceremony the whole wedding party took a boat ride out of the city at sunset. It was incredible. The dinner and reception was back at the hotel outside by the water. After our meal and toasts we danced all night (including Max and a groomsman having a dance off). It was such a great evening!

I was really grateful to have a chance to spend this time with my family before moving so far away. My kids stayed with Dallin's parents. I feel fortunate to have so many people who care for the kids and I know that they had a good week, but I missed them so much.