Tuesday, March 17, 2015

California in February round 2!

Dal's family went to California the last weekend in February! Minus Nate & Katlyn + Lauren who is in Peru. It was pretty cold the whole time, but we had a lot of fun. Cal loves Kaden and Ellie, so it was super fun sharing a hotel with Braden & Kaely's family. We went to the beach twice (it was pretty cold both times, but still fun to watch the kids run around), went to church and walked around the temple, ate out, and got some good quality time in with the Mitchells. Everyone went to Disneyland on Monday, but I stayed back with Mae because she is still pretty little and too young to get a lot of her vaccinations. I am sure she would have been fine, but I was glad that I didn't bring her when there ended up raining really hard for a little bit. Since I wasn't going with everyone, Dennis and Lisa offered to watch the kids while Dal and I went with Braden and Kaely. It was rainy and awesome! Dal reported that Calvin loved Disneyland and Mae & I had a relaxing day going to lunch a movie. Good weekend!
Kaden & Ellie were happy to see baby Mae when they got to our house

Raining at Disneyland!

All of the Mitchell cousins at the beach

Walking around the temple after church

Date with Mae to the Spaghetti Factory
She sat through the whole movie!

Disney date

Besides going to California, the end of February was mostly filled with hanging out with Dal 24/7 since his rotation has been so laid back this month and eating lunch by Brenna's pool everyday with friends.
Bought some expensive diapers that Amy swore by since Mae gets so many blowouts. Day 1 of the expensive diapers.

I have infinity pictures of her sleeping

Daniel & the Lion's den FHE
Cookie making
She rolls!!
Happiest 5 month old
Town square

Mae's legs!!!

Creepin on her sleeping
Poor Mae
At least 1 time per day
Laiken's baby shower

Finally liking her wrap again!
Hanging out with our friends in the foyer... like we do every week

We used to wish he wasn't so chicken and now I wish he was a little less brave...
 The other day I needed to go to the grocery store. Dal was home but I decided to take Calvin with me, but I left Mae with him. I realized it was the first time we had been on an outing just the 2 of us in the 5 months since Mae has been born! Dallin takes Cal by himself so often and has them both a lot, but the opportunity for him to just take Mae by himself never really comes up. We decided to grab lunch too and I had a lot of fun with my buddy. He has taken this big brother thing like a champ. I love him a lot.