Friday, December 16, 2011

I need a lanyard

     I have been carless for the past 5 days. Scratch that- not carless... keyless. It is difficult to drive a car without keys. They went missing on Sunday, and we have yet to find them. Dallin has always had the spare key to my car. A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was a bad idea for him to have my only spare key since I was living in SLC at the time, so I had my dad keep it safe for me... in Salt Lake. Genius. My dad sent the key to me on Monday- but, 5 days later, I have yet to receive it. The holiday must be holding up the mail. Anyway,  my car is parked outside my apartment.... but I am unable to drive it. Since I am currently unemployed, I have commandeered Dal's car so I can have some way of entertaining myself while he is studying for 20+ hours per day. This is totally not my fault though. Someone must have broken into our apartment and taken only my keys, and decided not to steal my car on his way out. Yes, that is what had to have happened.

     This week has reminded me of another time that I needed a lanyard for my keys. It was the Spring of 2010 and I was driving to meet two of my best friends in Provo for dinner. I ended up being a little bit early, so I stopped at Old Navy to do some browsing. I was only in there for 5 minutes, but when I got to my car my keys were not in my purse. I asked the sales lady, retraced my steps in the store, dumped out the entire contents of my purse on the ground in the parking lot, asked the same lady again, and repeated all of those steps 5 more times... still no keys. I concluded that they had to be inside of the car somewhere, even though I couldn't see them from looking into the window. I had cracked my window a little bit, so I thought that maybe I could reach in and unlock the door. My arm wouldn't fit in, so I put all of my weight onto the window to make it go down farther, then shoved my arm in. Not only could I not reach the lock to get the door unlocked, I couldn't get my arm out of the window!! I pulled and pulled until I bruised my elbowpit. A lady and her daugther came out of the store... I was sure that they thought I was robbing the car. "This is my car..." I mumbled sort of in thier direction. Hahaha, the lady pulled her daughter close to her and started walking faster to her car. After ten minutes, I decided there was no way to get my arm out on my own. It was stuck. I managed to get my phone close to me with my foot, then called my boyfriend for help.

Dallin: "Hello?"
Sam: "Hey! What are you doing?"
Dallin: "Studying for the MCAT. You?"
Sam: "Oh, well I was just going to meet Angela and Annie for dinner in Provo, but now my arm is stuck in my window so I really need my spare key and my dad is in Bountiful for work..."

Probably one of the more ridiculous phone conversations I have had. Dallin offered to bring me the key... all the way from the avenues to the Old Navy parking lot in Provo. What a champ. That is when I knew he was a keeper. Anyway, a few minutes later the sales lady that had helped me look came outside and said that customers told her that I seemed to be having some trouble. I laughed and told her that I definately was having trouble... she did not even crack a smile!! She did, however, pull down on the window until I finally got my bruised arm free. Get this-- after all that... STILL NO KEY! My friends came and picked me up from the parking lot to take me to dinner and Dallin met us there with my spare key. The end.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 hour > nothing

Today is Tuesday.
It is finals time at our house.
My smartie pants husband had 8 tests this week.
He left this morning before seven, I'm picking him up from the school at midnight.

I was very grateful for the hour that I got to see him at lunch.
Want to know why?
... The last time I saw Dallin at all on a Tuesday was the 19 of July.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Noteworthy events from the past couple weeks

The following is a list of noteworthy events from the past 2 1/2 weeks.
I like lists.

1. Got to see my 2 best friends at the same time.
Yes, we are all wearing matching sweatshirts.

2. Thanksgiving at my grandparent's house with my husband and his mustache.

3. I bowled a 100 for my first time ever. Dal still beat me.

4. We celebrated my mom's birthday at yogurt stop. 
She has been great while I have been living there the past semester.
I am sad to leave.

5. Maren demolished the mailbox.
Seriously, every single piece was in the middle of the road.

6. Said goodbye to the job I have had all through school at the U.
Said goodbye to my undergraduate career.
Said goodbye to my best friends.
Said goodbye to my family.
Which leads us to number 7...

7. Moved to Henderson!
I now live in the same state as Dallin.
Not the same place though-- he lives at the school.
Boo finals week.
At least we are making progress, right?