Friday, February 6, 2015

Mae @ 4 Months

Mae has quite the little personality these days. She cries a lot and smiles a lot and barfs a lot and coos a lot and snuggles a lot. She is particular but so, so sweet.

During Mae's 4th month...
-She was was sleeping in our bed with us for the first half of the month. I kept getting panicked about something happening to her so I usually slept on the floor or at the bottom of the bed, haha. Halfway through I started making her sleep in her crib by letting her cry for 10 minutes (I know, so little! but I didn't know what else to do). She usually figures it out and falls asleep after crying for around 10 minutes. She still wakes up every 2 to 3 hours (tops) to eat, but at least she is going back to sleep most of the time now after eating- so we are making much progress :)
-Mae got blessed by her father this month in our ward here in Vegas. She had so many loved ones there and it was the perfect blessing Sunday.
-She generally doesn't like the jogging stroller but does great in the car
-Thanks to Dal she had her first taste of sweets this month (a drop of pudding) at the Taylor's house. She looked like she enjoyed it.
-Calvin is obsessed with her and she is starting to recognize him and it is theeee beeeest. He always goes up to her and says, "I miss you, Mae!". I don't think he knows what that means.
-She still barfs a ton and is the queen of blowouts. Between her and potty-training-Calvin we do so much laundry.
-She and I are both having a great experience with nursing
-She stopped taking a binkie
-She has become quite intrigued with her hands and sucks on them all day
-Mae smiles so much. She still hasn't laughed but we have been making fools of ourselves trying to get her to. She is the sweetest and it is so fun having her recognize us more and more.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


We were in Las Vegas for the whole month of January and it was wonderful! I am getting a little panicked about moving because we love it here so much. We are sad to leave our friends here and our house on Miner's Ridge Drive that we have brought both of our babies home to. Dal did pulmonology in January and his schedule was pretty laid back + we did a lot of fun stuff!

2015 started out with a looooot of bodily fluid. Mae is basically the queen of barfing and we decided to start potty training Cal. He is actually doing pretty well! Well, with #1, the other still needs some work. TMI. Potty training is kind of the worst.

How Mae feels about potty training
One Saturday we went hiking out at Red Rock! The weather in January here so perfect. Cal wanted to climb every rock in sight and he is actually pretty dang good at it, considering he is quite clumsy still :) We finished our hike with our favorite chinese food out by Red Rock, as always.

They opened a Shake Shack on the strip! And it was delicious. We had a great time except for when Cal had a meltdown from seeing a giant Olaf walking the streets. He is still majorly freaked out by people in costume.

Saturday mornings at the park. Every Saturday.

The kids and I went to St. George for a couple of days to get Mae's pictures taken (which turned out darling) and to drive Lisa to the airport. Cal loves Dennis & Lisa but it is still weird to go there without Lauren. Also, Cal somehow tripped walking over to Jaunita's house and got the most ginormous goose-egg! He hardly cried and was much more concerned that he dropped his cookie during the fall.

Calvin sees his BFF Sloane pretty much every day, at least once. They love each other and it is adorable but they also make each other naughty! This was after they both bolted out the door of the donut shop and tried to run into the road. Don't let their smiles fool you.
Mae is officially in her own bed! She still wakes up every couple of hours to eat, but we are making progress. I was and still am weirdly sad about it. But I like bringing her into my bed for a little bit after Dal goes to work. It is so peaceful and I like having time with just her before the crazy one wakes up. I go to get Calvin from his room around 8. If Mae is still sleeping I try to get him to go somewhere else, but he refuses. He asks for her first thing in the morning.
I have gotten back into running! I am slow, but it is fun again and it's so nice. Calvin loves the jogging stroller- Mae is kind of hit and miss. All 4 of us go (Cal, Mae, Hobbes, & I) around 4 times per week at the Wetlands Park. Sometimes I let Cal stop and feed the turtles on the way back and it is his favorite. 
The Hunters came home from India!! Dennis came to town to pick them up, so we went with him to Chicken Shack then to see them at the airport. Cal loves them! He and Hope held hands all through the airport. Too bad we won't live close to them for very long...

 I would say that at least 3 evenings a week during January we would stay at a friend's house late to play games or just hang out. We just bring Cal's little tiger ("little Hobbes) and put him to bed in their bed. He never cries and goes right to sleep. When we are ready to go home (so basically the middle of the night for him) we wake him up and put him in the car, drive all the way to our house, then put him to bed again and he will go right to sleep again and sleep until 8. He is the World's best sleeper. He is always soooooo cute when we put him in the car. He always says, "blanket pweese!", "thank you, dad" in a cute groggy voice and I don't know why, but I love it.
I have been called as achievement day leader and (except for me planning the activity during a time when both of my kids nap and by some fluke thing they were both awake) it has been fun so far.

I am starting to really get into the swing of things as far as the 2-kids thing goes. They are starting to really interact with each other and it does all sorts of cliche things to my mama heart. I am trying to really soak in all this time we have with Dal before residency!

Baby girl's first tooth already!!

He says, "I miss you, Mae!" 50 times per day. I don't think he knows what that means...

Mail from Albania!

Her first taste of sweets at the Taylors. Of course, all of the Mitchell's major milestones are with the Taylors
Tummy time consists of her screaming for 4 minutes then falling asleep. I don't think she will ever roll over...

rolls rolls rolls

More rolls
Poor Mae is in there somewhere
Where he goes to take a rest

Getting lost with Sloane at the park at Towne Square

Mae is already for Cabo! and I seriously get a kick out of this picture