Monday, November 24, 2014


We had a rough start to being without Dal after he went back to work at the start of November. Calvin was sick the entire week, starting with a few days of 104 degree fever. Dallin was working a ton of hours and I thought it was difficult to be there for Cal while trying to keep him away from Mae. Plus, I am reeeeally not good at being cooped up in the house. It seems as though we keep coming back from Utah deathly ill lately... hopefully that ends soon seeing as we are living there in December!
104 degree fever is the only thing that will keep this boy still

Sick selfie

Calvin continues to be so great with Mae and I am so grateful. He has yet to ever be mean to her or get jealous. He's a little champ.

For Amy's birthday we went to Green Valley to play bingo! We didn't win, so we treated ourselves to some cheesecake. I seriously love these girls.

Mae is still a pretty chill baby, but she has definitely found her voice. She has started to get kind of fussy every evening from about 9 to 11. It is a good time though because Calvin is sleeping and we generally don't have anything pressing to do at that time. She and Dal have a new sleeping system where he sleeps holding her on the couch and she will sleep for 6 hours straight (which is 5 hours longer than she will sleep anywhere else)! It is awesome except that I miss sleeping next to Dal, haha.

Our first couple of weeks at church with 2 kids have been very successful! Cal seems to be getting easier during sacrament meeting and still loves nursery. Mae just mostly sleeps and cuddles with us all through church and it is lovely.

Baby girls' first day at church

Holding Mae during sacrament meeting
 I have started running most days since my doctor gave me the OK and it has been hard! I keep telling myself that if I keep going everyday it will get better... here's to hoping.

Dal had a random day off and we decided to take both kids to a movie. We went and saw 'Big Hero 6' and Calvin loved it! He did alright during the last movie we went to a couple of months ago, but it was kind of a wrestling match the whole time to get him to sit still. He just sat through the entire movie on Dal's lap this time, eating popcorn. It was seriously the cutest. I hope they have a movie theater with recliners wherever we move for residency... I am not sure that I can go back to regular seating :)

We had an evening out with the Taylors on the strip since Cal hadn't really been there since he was a baby. We went to Chicken Shack, walked around the Bellagio gardens, and watched the fountain show. Cal was kind of tired from his lack of nap earlier, but he liked the fountains.

Our pediatrician suggested we go to a special GI doctor for Mae's spit up situation. She spits up so much, which is fine- but sometimes it is projectile and soooo much. They aren't too worried since she is gaining weight fine, but we went anyway. He put her on some medication and it seems to be helping.
This happened once a day before the medicine
Dream baby at the doctor's
 We had a 'friendsgiving' one evening with the Robkers, Borups, Taylors, and the Tuckers, complete with a delicious Thanksgiving spread and a white elephant exchange. It was delicious and the gift exchange turned out so funny! Oh, and Mae looked ridiculously cute in her friendsgiving outfit.

I have this new obsession with the container park. Lindsey & I went to dinner there every week in November. They have a Mexican place there that I am addicted to, Cal loves playing in the playground, and it is fun to see the bands playing.

Besides that week of illness, adjusting to 2 kids has been pretty easy. I love my baby wrap (that has made it really easy to go anywhere) and Calvin has been great with Mae. We have been spending a lot of time with all of our friends here since we are leaving for the month of December. We really like our little home here in Vegas.
First time grocery shopping with both and no one cried!
I go running at the Wetlands Park most days and Calvin loves it

Playing with Sloane at Amy's house
More Cal and Sloane time
Loooooving our new car. Don't know what I ever did without it.
Mae hanging out with grandma Juanita during our day trip to St. George

November weather here is wonderful
What our mornings look like
The kid is a garbage disposal. This is his 3rd helping of broccoli.

Playgroup with our ward
The day we babysat Max
They are cute! But I am a little glad that Mae isn't a twin after that day...
Sleepover at Amy's house so Dal and I could hangout later with friends

I love them