Friday, September 26, 2014

More life without Dal

I was mostly in Las Vegas for the last 2 weeks that Dallin was in San Antonio. Life as a single mom might have been harder if it weren't for my friends. Cal loves Sloane and "baby Mac" so much. I had a few nights where I put Cal down for bed at a friend's house so I could go out and it was nice to have that time.
Park slurpees with sloane
Chasing Cal around the room at the dr. in my lovely paper gown
Diaper piano babies
He did awesome during his haircut!!

35 weeks selfie
Dessert on the strip for Lindsey's 25th
Dinner with friends at Taco y taco
Babysitting so the Robkers could have date night
 We drove down to St. George for a day so that we could see the Hunters off and go to an awesome party called "Merry Hallowsgiving", combining all of the holidays since the Hunters and Lauren will miss them this year. We dressed in costumes, ate a huge turkey dinner, and went trick-or-treating. It was a so fun! Besides Kaden's costume which made Cal freak out every time he came within 20 feet, Cal loved it.

I don't know if it is "nesting" or because or house got so crazy from the flood, but I have been busy cleaning and organizing. Our house is finally feeling like it is put back together and I am thrilled about it. I have had fun with my Cal but we are ready for Dallin to get home. and for the weather to freakin cool down.
36 weeks

I have been dreading putting Cal into a bed since he sleeps sooooo well in his crib, but I wanted to do it before the baby comes. I thought about it for weeks and had a plan about what I was going to do the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. time he cried/got out of bed. The big night came and we did his normal routine, I told him about his "big boy bed", kissed him goodnight, and shut the door. I didn't hear a peep from that room and he knocked on the door 12 hours later to be let out since he can't open doors yet. He has done that every night and for naps and it is super awesome. I also accidentally took a billion photos of him in his "big boy bed".

It is Friday night and I am currently blogging and watching 'Grey's Anatomy', but Dal is on his way homeeee right now!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Utah without Dal

We made it back from Hawaii! Our flight came in at midnight and Dallin had to leave for San Antonio the next day at 8 in the morning. Dallin's parents + Braden, Kaely, & Aubree drove down from St. George to pick us up from the airport. When we got back to our house we discovered that they had totally put our house back together!! Scrubbed bathrooms, moved furniture, put stuff back in our closets, everything! I was so relieved and so grateful. It would have been very overwhelming to do it myself without Dal at 35 weeks pregnant. 

Dallin made it to San Antonio and is enjoying his last audition rotation. He is staying with a nice family and has Kyle and another friend there to keep him company. Cal and I went to SLC a few days after we got home to pick up Hobbes and see my family. He just really loves it at my parents house. We spent time with family, got to see Kaely and her kids, went with Sherrie up to ride the tram at Snowbird (which cal LOVED), went to the children's museum at Thanksgiving Point (which cal HATED haha), had a campfire in the backyard, and, of course, went to Jungle Jim's. I also got to see Amy & Rachel. It is fun to have Cal recognize and be able to say the names of everyone in my family.
Eating dinner at Max & Steph's house in Provo

a ride with yaya

Obsessed with the riding lawn mower

Watching a show on the Ipad

Riding the tram with Sherrie

Amy, Kathy, me, my mom

Up at Snowbird

We had a few days by ourselves in Vegas before we went to St. George to see the Mitchells. It has been so nice to hang out with our friends here and try to organize our house after the flood. Cal was teething, so that was hard- but he seems to be over it now.
Sliding in the rain

He loves Sloane so much

Selfie with baby Max

We spent the next weekend in St. George to see the Hunters and for Addy's birthday. It was fun! Calvin loves Addy and Hayden and it was fun to watch them run around together. I was glad we could be there for Addy's birthday luau and we had fun hanging out with Aubree before she moves to India and Lauren before she goes on her mission. Boo.

We kept ourselves pretty busy for the first 2 weeks Dal has been gone. Halfway done!