Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our last 2 weeks in Washington

We have seriously had a blast here. I am so glad that Cal & I have been able to tag along! Dal has been loving what he has been doing. He has really long days, but we have been taking advantage of hanging out with him on his weekends off. Here is what our last 2 weeks here look....

We had a movie night one night when Dal needed to chill and watched Despicable Me 2. I don't know why, but I was dying watching Cal's little hands reach in to get popcorn while not taking his eyes off the screen. He just looked too dang grown up.

Cal and I drove to Alki beach to meet Allison and her cute William for lunch. The fish and chips were to die for and it was so fun to catch up with Allison! Alki beach had a cute boardwalk and nice beach. Cal loved running around the beach and got himself covered in sand.

We had pizza on the beach one night with Kyle at Sunnyside Park beach. We let Cal throw rocks into the ocean for a whole hour before we made him leave. He lovessss rocks. Washington beaches are perfect for him.

Cal and I went to Tumwater Falls one day to hike around. He was in a great mood and loved the waterfalls. I still can't get over the trees here.

There was a Sesame Street Live concert that came {for free!} to the base, so Cal and I went. We sat with our friends that we eat breakfast with at the hotel and it ended up being so fun. It was possibly the happiest that I have ever seen Cal. He kept pointing and saying "elmo" and "cookie" while dancing around. It was the best. It was 2 nights in a row, so I dragged Dal with us the next night... but Calvin was hungry and tired from spending the day in Seattle so he didn't have quite the same reaction. Should have stopped while I was ahead.

Tyson & Devee ended up being in town during the last weekend that we were here, so we met up with them to spend a day in Seattle. First we went to lunch at Ivar's. There were birds everywhere. Dal put a fry in his mouth and let a bird come and snatch it from him! It was crazy and Cal was loving it. I couldn't get him to eat a bite of lunch because he just wanted to feed it all to the birds. He would literally take what I put into his mouth and throw it down to them. We walked around the pier for a while, then drove up to a park with a beautiful view of the city. Afterwards we went to see the troll from '10 Things I Hate About You'. It was a fun day and Cal was a trooper. 

We spent an evening at Gig Harbor with Kyle and Whitney while she was here and it was lovely. We ate yummy Thai food and then watched Cal throw 3908258 rocks into the ocean with the most beautiful view. Cannot wait for their wedding!

We have been going to church with Patrick, Danielle, and Tristian at their ward. Sometimes I get freaked out that we will be moving somewhere new and far away next year, but I am glad that the church is the same everywhere.

Cal and I tried to go to the children's museum in Tacoma one day, but it was closed. We ended up going the next day since our plans got rained out. Cal & I have made a friend here that we eat breakfast with at the hotel who has a son exactly his age. They came with us to the museum and Cal loved running around with his friend.

We met Allison and William again, this time at Owen's beach. It was pretty cold, but Cal seemed happy wandering around and baby William is the cutest ever.

We had an evening in Tacoma with Patrick seeing the high school where they filmed '10 Things I Hate About You'. It looks like a cool place to go to school! We hung out there for a while... Cal was obsessed with going up and down the bleachers and I almost had a heart attack.

Cal has gotten much more cuddly recently. When he wakes up in the morning and from his nap, we lay there and cuddle usually for about a half hour. It is heavenly. It usually leads to him smothering my stomach with kisses after saying "baby" a billion times. It is really cute, but I also kind of hate it because I am so ticklish.
Crossed legs

Aaaaand we are leaving tomorrow. I am excited to see friends and family, but we have really loved our time here. Until next time (hopefully next year), Washington.