Wednesday, June 18, 2014

St. George week 1

Dallin is taking the second half of his boards at the very end of June (which CANNOT come soon enough). We are spending the whole month in St. George with Dal's family because he got a rotation in family practice with Dr. Callahan where he only works part-time so that he can have more study time. Kaely, Kaden & Ellie were in town for the whole first week we were here! We spent all day day, every day with them that week and it was so fun! We swam every day, played in the sprinklers, and spent all of our time outside. Kaden loves Cal and it makes me happy.

Although we had so much fun with cousins, Cal had a rough week. He whined and cried a ton and I was not sure what to do about it most of the time. Maybe I need weeks like that to appreciate his normal, happy self.

In general, I would describe Cal as an apprehensive little boy. He is apprehensive to new people and is usually pretty cautious. This week we got him to like swimming, running through the sprinklers, and (after a week of practice) he learned to climb the whole ladder on the Mitchell's treehouse. It is so funny how proud of him I was. I love these little people.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Saying goodbye to Vegas for a little while

We have quite the summer ahead of us. We are currently in St. George for the whole month of June so that Dallin can do a part-time rotation at Doctor Callahan's office while he studies for the Step 2 of his boards. We will be spending all of July in Washington and all of August in Hawaii for audition rotations. While I have been looking forward to this for a long time and am stoked for our adventures, I was sad to be leaving Vegas, even though we will be back after the summer. I love our little home. and our people.

Our last few weeks in Vegas were spent in the pool, splash pads, and with friends.  I am not sad to leave the 120 degrees though!

Zupas lunch date

Visiting dad on the base

It was a rough day

Books books books all day

Spends a lot of time with Sloane, who he calls "noan"

Amy's baby shower
Taking a drink break at the library

Jumping to Amy at the swimming pool