Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our first autumn in 4 years

I loved Vegas, but fall was nonexistent there and I have LOVED this month. The weather has been perfect and I am loving the pretty leaves.  
On the eve of her first birthday at Brynnlyn's party

On a date with my buddy seeing 'Pan' in 3D
Running in the rain

The best naptime of my life
 Dal got off early one Friday and we decided to make the drive (a little over an hour) to Cafe Rio. We had never really been up there before so we explored a bit. We went into Edmonds... the CUTEST town ever. I wish I had taken pictures of it. We went on our first ferry ride since we moved here to Kingston, spent a couple hours there (also super cute town), then came back and went to Cafe Rio. Calvin loved the ferry! It was a fun day.

Swimming on base with the Smith's. Mae is a little fish!

Mae is too busy to lay down to nurse
Salmon from Pike's Place Market :)

Brynnlyn and Mae snuggling at church

Priest Point Park with Amicheri and Jenna 

Snuggling during conference (this lasted less than 2 min)
Playing nicely during conference (Also didn't last long) 
Second session of conference while Mae napped 

On his new bike he got for his birthday 

At the children's museum with his friend Quinley
Mae pulls everything out of her dresser 7 times per day

Trader Joe's is Cal's favorite
On a walk with Benson 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Calvin turns THREE

Calvin had his third birthday this past Friday. Dallin randomly had the day off and we had the greatest day celebrating. I have really appreciated Cal since we moved to Washington. He makes friends easily and has been pretty dang pleasant to be around 95% of the time. He is my best little buddy and he loves his sister so much. I cannot get enough of him lately. I kept crying when I would look at him on his birthday because I am ridiculous and we have just been really clicking recently. Dal kept making fun of me for crying.

Dallin and I stayed up the night before to create a balloon wall that fell in when he opened the door the next morning. We woke up before him and sat outside his door to see his reaction. It was a tiny bit anticlimatic since he had just barely woken up so he was pretty out of it. He talked about it the rest of the day though, so I think that he appreciated it. We made him a special breakfast and then headed to the zoo. We might always go to the zoo when it is a tiny bit rainy. There was no one else there and the animals were super active! It was so fun. We headed to Owen beach after since it is so close and Calvin splashed around in his rain boots. He loved it! It was perfect until he got in the water too far and basically  his booths were keeping water in instead of out. He was pretty dang wet when we left. Mae screamed when we tried to hold her the whole time we were there and kept flinging herself out of our arms, but when we put her down she would eat rocks or try to crawl into the ocean. Little stinker. We got home in the evening and Matt, Tara, and Maxwell came over for cake. Cal was soo appreciate of all of his presents. It was so, so fun to have him actually get what was going on. He kept singing the happy birthday song to himself all day and it was cracking us up. We love Calvin so much. So happy he is part of our family.