Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome Home, Brother

I had been looking forward to last week for some time now and it did not disappoint. I went to Salt Lake for the whole week to see my brother come home from his mission in Mexico.

I left on Monday around 6, planning to get to Salt Lake at midnight. I called my mom from Scipio stuck in a huge blizzard to tell her that I was going to spend the night in Provo, and was probably not going to get there until 1 or so because of the storm. Driving in snow generally doesn't freak me out too bad, but this was the worst blizzard I have ever driven in. The road became so bumpy that I had to pull over, only to discover that I had a flat tire! I called Dallin bawling (he was still in Henderson because he couldn't  miss school). I knew that a number of people would come pick me up if I asked them, but I was so far away and in a blizzard... and it was midnight. So, I changed my tire myself... sobbing the whole time... in a blizzard... at midnight... while pregnant. 

Yes, pregnant. I love saying that. I debated making this public, but most people know already anyways... and I think all of about 2 people read this blog, so I think I am safe. We found out on March 1st at one in the morning. I did not sleep a wink that night because I was too giddy. I still can't believe it sometimes. I am currently 9 weeks along and sick most of the time, but I am too excited to mind much. 

My little brother came home from his mission on Wednesday. His flight ended up being 3 hours late, and then he got lost in the airport! We eventually found him though, and it was a sweet reunion. He is the same Max, which I am grateful for (just with a little Mexican accent). It is so fun to have him home.

During his first 2 days home, Max went snowboarding, golfing, bowling and to the festival of colors. He is not even skipping a beat. I loved being there for a whole week with my family. Dallin met me in SLC on Friday so that he could be there for the homecoming. He locked himself in a room all day long on Saturday to study for his tests coming up. He is a trooper. 

Max's homecoming was awesome. He spoke about prophets and did a great job. I can't believe that my little brother is a returned missionary. 

We  loved our time in Salt Lake with my family. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Lovelies

The best thing about being married is waking up to this everyday.

The second best thing was inheriting 2 nieces and 3 nephews.

I am basically obsessed with every one of them.

If only they lived closer.