Monday, April 27, 2015

House on Miner's Ridge

As of yesterday we are officially renters (they are letting us rent back from them for 1 month after we closed) in our first home. This is where we brought both of our babies home, where Cal learned to walk and where we made unforgettable friends. We have loved the ward and this house. We painted (twice), had a huge flood, got new wood floor and carpet, Dal replaced the ugly mantel with doors he made with my grandpa, laid sod with Justin & Dennis, completely refinished the kitchen with my dad, and put in new floors in the laundry room with Dennis' help. After finally having this house how we want it, we are pretty sad to leave. I stole these photos off of the website that it was listed.
 Living room

Dal spent many hours making those doors


 Master bedroom
 The nursery (Calvin's for the 1st 2 years we were here, and Mae's for the last 6 months)

 Cal's room/guest room


Friday, April 24, 2015

Mae @ 6 months

Mae's life is going by so much faster than Cal's did. Sloooow down, baby girl! This month Mae decided to stop crying altogether! Just kidding, but seriously she has become much more chill than she used to be an is seems to be so content all of the time. I can't believe that she is a half of a year.

At 6 months, Mae...
-Rolls allllll over the place
-Can't quite sit up yet
-Just barely started eating solids and seems pretty neutral about them... does not helping her barfing situation, unfortunately. So far she has eaten pears, bananas, and apples.
-She decided to like the car AND jogging stroller. Double win.
-This month Mae really learned to use her hands to grab things. She can play with toys now!
-She is a champ at napping in her crib, waking up twice to eat at night
-Mae loves Hobbes
-Would prefer water bottles, a wipe, or her toes to any toy
-Loves swimming! This has been a fun surprise because Cal didn't like it until recently
-She loves to nurse... we both do, actually
-Nicknames: little loves (Dal), Mae mae (Calvin), sissy/miss mae (me)
-Cal is so, so obsessed with her and he kind of drives her nuts

Love you, sissy girl

March is for visitors and house selling

I am behind because our computer is kind of out of commission... hopefully we will get a new one soon.

The first 2 weeks of March we had people staying with us almost every night, which was very fun! Luckily Calvin does great sleeping on the ground in our room so our visitors can sleep in his room. My parents came for a weekend, then all of Dal's college friends for the basketball tournament, Aubree and Craig for a night, Lauren & Zane on their way to California, and Lauren Hong for a night. We like visitors.

I was also frantically cleaning/getting ready to sell our house in March. Luckily it was only for sell for 1 week. It was kind of hard to keep my house spotless at all times with my 2 babies, plus people kept wanting to come during naptime... so I would wake Cal up just to drive around for a half hour. But OUR HOUSE IS SOLD! I am sad and happy and relieved and sad. The buyers are a nice, young couple and we feel blessed that we were able to sell so fast.

When my parents came to stay we went to the Container park, Hash House, Red Rock, and they took Cal to a dinner show on the strip-- and he has not stopped talking about swords and kings ever since.
container park

Hash House with sleepy Mae
We love Red Rock

Taking a bathroom break

We were pretty sad to see my parents go. They are so nice to us and Calvin loves them so much. Besides house selling and visitors, March was spent with our friends who we are so depressed to move away from. and a lot of running- training for the SLC half.
getting tall!
Sleeping on the floor in our room for the 8th night in a row

Aubree & Craig babysat while they were here so we could have a temple date

Brenna & Mae at dinner with the Borups, Taylors & Robkers
She borrowed Cal's jacket

We went swimming with friends 2-3 times per week

Mae learned to nap at the same time as Cal!
She loves Hobebes
We had a bonfire up bootleg canyon and it was so fun!


Happy to have the splash pad open
Pizza/pool party!

When beau was in town for his interview

Sunday napping

Sloane is obsessed with Mae
She started eating food!

Looking like a gangster at dinner for Tyson's birthday
Sunday best

rolls rolls rolls rolls
Mae loves Hobbes! She also loves to pull his hair out and try to eat it

Hash house
St. Patrick's day!

That time when Dal gave himself stitches after a skateboarding accident with Eli

Mae's first time on the swing

Matching pants

All 4 of my children (I have been sleeping at the Young's house on Wednesdays to watch Sydney & Berkley)

Dogsitting Honey
Tessa put on the cutest Easter egg hunt... Cal loved it. We successfully put all 9 of our kids to bed at her house afterwards so we could have an adult easter egg hunt and play games. It was a blast.

"I ready church, mom. toys & friends, please!" (how he describes nursery)
Dinner at the park to celebrate Justin matching

The back of Mae's head when we took her to a movie. She has now officially been to 14 movies and not cried once!


A sick day
Watching the U bball game with Tyson, Devee, Ernie & Leanne

She makes me so happy
We threw a shower for baby Henry that somehow took like 5 different girls nights to plan. I wish I had a picture of the food table, everything turned out really cute. Cannot wait for him to get here!

These 3 ladies... seriously love them so much