Saturday, December 29, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Calvin made Christmas pretty darn magical.

We spent the weekend before in Santa Clara where Calvin got to spend lots of time with cousins, and Hobbes got all sorts of attention/harassment. We took family pictures, which turns out to be quite the experience with 7 little ones. We also played games and went to baby Ellie's baby blessing.
Addy & Hobbes

Hanging out with baby Ellie

Hobbes got to be part of the dog pile

Dal & Miles


Hunter family in onsies

Superman PJs

We spent Christmas in SLC with my family. We had the traditional Christmas Eve games and tacos, and Max won the pudding competition. Cal got to meet Aunt Sherrie for the first time and spent all of Christmas morning smiling his little guts out. It was lovely.

Cal & Sherrie

Santa Hobbes

Cal is already a 49ers fan

Hobbes got some presents too

We have spent our time off running, snowboarding, and seeing friends. Cal and I are grateful for Dal's time off of studying his life away. This next semester is going to be particularly grueling since boards are coming up. Christmas 2012 was a success!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome Hobbes

I flew to Salt Lake this weekend to attend my Aunt's funeral. Calvin was a rockstar on the flight. We were the only people on the plane without a cowboy hat on because of the national rodeo championship in Vegas. The cowboys all thought that Cal was pretty cool.

The night that I got there I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert with my mom, Maren and Max. It was so awesome! The best one I have seen. I loved it. Lisa got us awesome tickets on the 4th row!

The funeral was sad, but good. I got to see a lot of family and Calvin got to meet everyone. It was nice.

Dallin has been begging me for a dog for a while. I told him that we could get one when we got a house, which happened a little sooner than I had expected. We compromised on a Mini Australian Shepard. They were selling a bunch of them in American Fork while I was up North so I picked one out for us to take home! I am not normally a huge dog person, but I love this little dog. Naturally, we named him Hobbes. He is a cutie, and is almost already housebroken. He is just a couple of weeks older than Cal... we are hoping the grow up to be good buddies.


I drove back to Vegas with my parents, who stayed for a couple of days afterwards. It was super fun to have them there.Only a few more days until we go back to Utah for Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2012

2 months

Calvin buddy turned 2 months old on Sunday. 

This is what is going on with Cal at 2 months of age...
-We are lucky to have him sleep for an hour or 2 at a time in his crib or cradle
-He is already addicted to a binky, and I am ok with it :)
-Does great in the car and stroller
-Loves nursing, taking a shower, and his swing
-Hates the hiccups and tummy time
-Spends a lot of time studying with his dad
-Smiles every morning!
-Still wearing newborn clothes
-Snorts almost every time he cries
-Celebrated his first Thanksgiving with the Mitchells in Cedar City
-Is definitely filling out, but still has little chicken legs
-Has both of his parents wrapped around his little finger

Sunday best

Sad face

This is how they study

Drinking a Diet Coke