Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A best friend's wedding, California, and an ultrasound

Last week I flew home for Rachel Thomas' wedding, who has been one of my closest friends for a long time. I will miss her so much when she moves to New Jersey next week!

Her wedding was beautiful and her new husband is awesome. 
I am stoked for them.

I flew straight from the reception to California for a Disneyland vacation with Dallin's family. It was such a blast. They sure know their way around that place.  My husband loves Disneyland more than any grown man I know, except maybe his brothers. He skipped the whole way there (hopefully he doesn't read this).

Mmm... turkey leg

Splash Mountain at Midnight

 The next day we went to the beach. I played with the children while Dallin made a shark of sand. I love California... I would kind of love to live there one day.

I continue to feel sick most of the time. My list of public places that I have thrown up is rather impressive, including in the car on I-15, the temple, Disneyland, and an airplane. It has been a little more difficult than I anticipated, but I can't bring myself to complain (Dallin might disagree) since we were able to see our little baby. We watched the heart move... it was my most favorite favorite favorite thing ever. November 3rd, here we come.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome home, brother #2

We welcomed Dallin's brother home from his mission in Salvador, Brazil this past Friday. Our brothers came home within a couple weeks of one another, so it has made for a lot of sweet reunions lately.

We spent the weekend in St. George eating Cafe Rio, playing with nieces and nephews, and swimming. Nathan did awesome on his homecoming talk and we are happy to have him home.
All of the Mitchell siblings.