Thursday, October 17, 2013

3 years later

Dallin and I have been married for 3 years! This is what I learned during my first and second year of marriage. This year has been my favorite yet.
Things I have learned during our THIRD year of marriage...
-Step 1 board test suck a lot. Also, it is possible for a human to study for 90 hours a week for 2 months.
-Holidays are more fun with a baby
-Buying a house is worth the headache
-Vegan "cheese" doesn't taste good on pizza
-Dallin is the best daddy. Calvin agrees.
-We still love couples trips
-Having a tiny premie baby and being stressed with med school may cause us to be really lame and not even dress up for Halloween. BUT, having a house to have trick-or-treaters is pretty fun!
-"Rock of Ages" (the musical) rocks our socks
-Lake Powell is fun, but much more fun with Dallin there (back to the 'boards suck' thing)
-26.2 miles is far
-Bachi burger is sooo yummy
-Celebrating a 2-year anniversary in the hospital is the best way if it means welcoming your son into the World
-It is still possible to watch a whole season of a TV show in one night
(This year it was Friday Night Lights & New Girl)
-Dal is capable of sleeping through a baby screaming suuuuper loud
-I am nicer when I am not pregnant
-Playing the card game 'up & down the river' over and over makes for a good Saturday activity during baby nap time
-Smashing your rear view mirror (x2) is more expensive than you would think
-Our parents make super awesome grandparents
-The Villa Bonita ward is the bomb
-Puppies sometimes chew up everything in your house
...and pee at the top of the stairs
... good thing he's cute
-Watching siblings and best friends get married is pretty fun
-Having my water break without expecting it may cause me to have a legitimate minor anxiety attack on the way to the hospital
-We have the best friends Vegas has to offer
-The stuffed tiger (aka "little Hobbes") that Dal bought at the hospital is the best $20 that he ever spent
-Grandpa Gib is good at horseshoes
-There are no words to describe watching your husband give a priesthood blessing to your baby
-Rim2rim is the hardest but most majestic hike I have ever been on. Dal was so awesome to watch Cal so that I could do it! Even if I wanted to cut off my legs the next day.
-My dad makes very intense Easter scavenger hunts
-Dallin could probably make a living off of baby/daddy circus acts
-Dallin is nice to let me visit SLC often to see my family, even when he can't go most of the time
-Grass is hard to keep alive in Vegas
-Mt. Charleston is pretty
-Sister Outsen is an awesome little Guatamalan missionary
-Fremont Street is both disgusting and entertaining
-Letting friends go is hard for me
-Dallin's long hair is sexy. Good thing that Lindsey gives a mean haircut so it makes his bi-annual cut not so bad.
-Quail lake may give a person Giardia
-Bringing a baby and a puppy on a road trip means bringing a ton of crap with you
-Disneyland is even better once you have a child
-Moving and having a baby on the same day is not the best idea... but it is doable with awesome family help
-Michigan is beautiful, and the Hunter family who lives out there are even better
-I suck at bowling
-If you do the work yourself and have awesome parents, it is possible to redo your kitchen on a med school budget
-The Wetlands Park doesn't get old
-It is fun to watch your team go to the Superbowl... not so fun when they lose
-Albania is super far away
-1 year old birthday parties are the best kind
-Both Dallin and I tend to only get really dramatic haircuts- unless we are cutting at least 4 inches off it's not worth it
-Diet Coke/Mountain Dew can make almost anything better
-Oh, and Dallin is still a sweetheart

We had such a great anniversary... thanks to my parents for babysitting. First we went to Sawadee for dinner- a thai place that we used to go to all of the time while we were dating and when we were first married. We then drove around the avenues... past our old house and church, the laundromat we used to have to go to, and the park where we were engaged. I miss the avenues! We then spent the night at Snowbird, the same place we did the first night we were married. We went to Oktoberfest the next day and it was very fun.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A year of Cal

We officially have a 1 year old!

Here is Cal at:
7 months
 8 months
9 months
10 months
11 months
12 months

When I was in the hospital delivering Cal, Dallin went into the hospital gift shop and bought him a stuffed tiger that we have since nicknamed "little Hobbes". Calvin loves him! We generally don't go anywhere without him and Cal for sure can't sleep without him. I find it adorable. I took a picture with he and his little tiger every month of his first year. Right now we feel like it was the best $20 that we ever spent. We will see how we feel when we leave him in an airport or something on accident...

2 weeks
1 month

2 months
 3 months
 4 months
 5 months
6 months
 7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
 11 months
 12 months

He looks like he is rolling over in the last picture because he really did not want to sit still. I can't believe how much he has grown when I compare the first and last picture... I really do not remember him ever being that small. Each month seems to just get better with our little Cal.

Friday, October 11, 2013

12 months!

We have a 1 year old!

Here is what Cal has been up to for the past month...
-Still only those 2 bottom teeth
-Tried to switch over to regular milk but he kept throwing it up so we are currently giving him almond milk and he loves it
-Really loves all dogs except for Hobbes who he seems to be just neutral about
-Does this weird bear crawl on his hands and feet
-Doesn't like to be alone
-He can walk along furniture and walk a little bit using the walker my mom got for him, but he does NOT like it when we try to help him practice his walking
-His favorite things are french fries, an open fridge or dishwasher, being outside, "little Hobbes", taking showers with me or Dal, the piano, watching Barney, and toy cars.