Sunday, April 27, 2014

Accidentally a Pity Party Post

Umm... so this week started out a little rough. On Monday I hadn't kept anything down all day, but nothing too out of the ordinary except I felt particularly off. Cal had been sleeping upstairs for over 3 hours and I started to hear him stirring. I got up from downstairs to go check on him and blacked out into our banister. When I tried to stand back up I kind of passed out again so I crawled back over to the couch. I could hear Cal happily chatting up in his crib and I felt so terrible that I couldn't go get him because I felt so lightheaded and was kind of afraid to go up the stairs. Like, kind of had a panic attack that I wanted to go get him so bad but I couldn't stand up without passing out. Luckily, Dal was on his way home so I just had to wait 20 minutes for him to go up and get Cal. The rest of the week kind of followed suit with a lot of barfing (10+ times per day) and diziness. I don't mind throwing up very much, but it was hard to feel like I was going to pass out every time I stood up. I couldn't really leave the house for several days, but I am feeling more like a person now and it is good.

This week was not all bad, though. I had a doctor's appointment where I was able to see my baby squirming around perfectly healthy followed by a Cafe Rio Date with my boys. I also played with bubbles for 3 days straight with Cal in the backyard since I can just lay on the grass and blow them to him while he chases them all around the yard. His favorite word is 'bubble' and I never tire of hearing him say it. My awesome friends came over one night when I thought I might go nuts at home by myself. People kept giving Cal free stuff everywhere we go because they think he is cute. I think he is cute too.

We spent our weekend in St. George so that Dallin could go 4-wheeling in the sand dunes with his dad and brother. He had an awesome time and Cal loved being with family. Bud and Juanita babysat on Saturday night while Dallin, Dennis, Lisa, and I went to a Journey cover band at Tuachan and I loved it! I happen to feel decent and I knew all of the songs and I love concerts. I flew to SLC from St. George (Cal was a rockstar on the flight thanks to having the Winnie the Pooh movie on my phone) a couple of days early so my mom could take care of Cal since I had such a rough week. Dal will be here on Tuesday because it is Max's wedding week. I love weddings, woohoo!

Free stuff at Cafe Rio for being cute

Cuddling with Amy at girl's night

Coloring. His crossed little legs kill me.


We read a lot of books

Sending Lauren off to Prom

Journey concert 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1st trimester in review

I am officially in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy! Although I threw up the whole time with Cal, I started feeling much better around 20 weeks, so I am excited for June. We had an ultrasound that Dal was able to go to today and it really  put things back into perspective for me. With Cal, we found out that he was a boy at this time, but this baby was a little shy today- so for sure next time. Sometimes I forget that there is really a baby in there and I seriously cannot wait for him/her to get here! The ultrasound was so awesome, he/she waved some little fingers at us and was moving around. Seeing the little heartbeat is the greatest.

So far, my pregnancy has included...
- Throwing up about 4 times per day on average. Sometimes more, rarely less than 3
- Sooo much Gatorade, otter pops, and smoothies
-Last time I think that I wanted a  girl a little bit more, but this time I am (a tiny bit) hoping for a boy. I have this vision of 2 little boys close in age running around and I think it sounds so fun for Cal to have a brother (plus I have an infinite amount of boy clothes). That being said, I will not even be a tiny bit disappointed if it is a girl.
-I keep thinking that I feel the baby move, but Dal tells me that I am crazy because it is too early
-I have lost 12 pounds, but my stomach is getting bigger so much earlier than last time. I was wondering where the weight was coming from until my wedding ring flew off at the grocery store. Apparently, I have lost 12 pounds of finger weight--- every girl's dream :) It feels weird to not wear my ring since I have not taken it off once since we got married.
-Lots of episodes of 'Snapped: Killer Couples' on Oxygen. I seriously don't know why I like it- it is super weird and creepy
-Cal doesn't have a clue what is coming to him! He is very nice to other babies and kids, but lately he gets kind of jealous when I hold other babies.
-My mom taking good care of me and Cal for over a week while we went to Salt Lake
-Throwing up every night at 4 a.m. I am oh, so excited to wake up to a baby instead!!
-Zero exercise 
-Napping during Cal's nap time :)
-Watching the 'Coca-cola baby' commercial on YouTube over and over and bawling every time
-We are going to a different Doctor this time around and she is awesome. She told us that (since the baby wasn't cooperating to find out the gender) we could pop in sometime after 5 next week to see if she can tell.
-Having an obsession (since the weather has been so perfect) with leaving the backdoor open all day long to let fresh air in and have Cal & Hobbes come and go as they please. We are all 3 loving it except I have to stop because there are 1 million flies in my house now.
14 weeks

Monday, April 21, 2014


The time has come again... Dallin has to take Step 2 of his boards on June 25th and he has been in full-fledged study mode starting this week and is gone a lot of the time. It is a bummer for us, but this is his last big test of medical school, so we can make it until July. We have spent our time at parks, reading 3928h49f0w2 books a day, going to a bbq at the Robkers, having new friends from our ward over for dinner, and hanging out with Lindsey & Sloane. Oh, and Cal got a new haircut!

This week I started to help out this boy who has autism transition into going to a mainstream elementary school for 4 hours twice a week. I think it is going to be a good little job for me, especially since it is right during Cal's naptime! Since I had to work this week, Dal took Calvin to St. George with him to get his Drivers' License renewed. It is fun for them to have one-on-one time together and Cal had fun with the Mitchells for a couple of days. Before they left, I thought that having them gone might be kind of nice since it was only for 2 days, 1 night. I thought that maybe I could get some 'me' time, especially since I haven't been feeling week. Turns out I don't like 'me time', I only like Calvin & Dallin time. I missed them a lot.

Cal's first time in nursery


Always, always reading

This is what a 5-hour nap looks like. I had to wake him up because it was freaking me out

On his way to St. George with Dal

Eating a Creamie in St. George
 This year was our first time being away from family for Easter. We couldn't go to Salt Lake since we are going in a week for my brother's wedding, and the Mitchells were out of town because they were in Boston running the marathon. We had a really nice Easter with just our little family! We woke up early so we could have our Easter egg hunt. We put eggs with candy in a line that led right to Cal's basket, but he got too distracted by the candy and we had to help him find his basket anyway. He was in heaven since he loves candy, which he calls 'cookie'. He had fun with the stuff in his basket, so we were a success at our first run at being the Easter Bunny. Dal found his basket in the dryer really quickly-- I am not a very good hider. Dallin and Cal both got nerf guns in their baskets, and the only time all morning that Cal was not happy was during their nerf fight. He definitely lost. We went to church after and Cal loved nursery again! Woohoo! I made a huge Easter dinner that night consisting of ham, broccoli salad, fruit salad, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes & gravy, and asparagus. Brenna and Eli came over for dinner, but the 5 of us hardly put a dent in all of that food. Brenna brought a yummy banana cream cake and we had such a nice time. It was lovely to have Dal not studying for a whole day, and it was a perfect holiday with my boys.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Calvin Russell @ 18 months

Oh man, Cal is a freakin riot right now. He is getting so much personality and we are loving it. Here is a super long post about what is happening with him right now that I don't want to forget...

-Calvin is the world's best sleeper and loves his crib, as long as he has his trusty stuffed tiger. He never, ever cries when I put him in there, then always waves "bye" to me and blows me a kiss. After we get ready for bed and read stories, sometimes I will try to rock him in his rocker like I used to... after 5 seconds he will sign 'all done', point to his crib, then wave for me to leave. He sleeps 12 hours at night and takes a 3 hour nap during the day.

-He can say (in language that only Dal and I understand) the following words in context: cheese, cookie, drink, milk, dog, food, night-night, bye, hello, pooh (meaning Winnie the Pooh), duck, bee, tickle, go, car, bubble, thank you, baby, Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa, Yaya, ball, toes.

-He knows what the following animals say: duck, monkey, cow, sheep, lizard, bear, snake

-Cal loves to eat and very, very rarely refuses food. His favorite food is any kind of fruit... we go through like 3 things of raspberries every week! He is a little bit messy, but he has learned to feed himself with a spoon and it getting better and better.

-He likes the stroller and car as long as they are moving.

-Cal's favorite thing is to take Hobbes for a walk and carry the leash by himself. It might be the cutest thing in the whole world.

-We try not to watch TV super often, but he loves Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh

-Cal has always been really well behaved in restaurants, which is good because Dal and I love going out to eat. As of like a week ago, he refuses to sit in a high chair for even 1 second after he is done eating. This makes going out to eat kind of complicated since I can't just let him scream in his high chair and if I get him out he just wants to wander around the whole restaurant. The other time that he has become pretty naughty during the past few weeks is parking lots. I don't have clue why, but he loves them! Other times he will hold my hand, but when we are in a parking lot he wants to be walking and he screams if I hold his hand. So I am usually carrying him while he is screaming and trying to get away. The little mini-tantrum thing is very new for him (and me), so I am still trying to figure it out. Finding a balance between him knowing how much I love him/not making a scene in public, and teaching him that it is not OK to act like that has been a trickier balance than I anticipated. I figure that if I am not giving him what he is screaming about then I am probably OK. But it's mostly only in parking lots and restaurants, and sometimes when we make him come in from going on a walk with Hobbes.

-My very favorite thing that Calvin does right now is this little game we play where we will say, "shhh" and he goes and hides (meaning he stands against a wall and kind of covers his face). After a second, he will run towards us and say, "ahhhhh!", then laughs and claps. It is soooo funny.

-Calvin is a momma's boy and is kind of shy. He laughs and plays more when Dal is around, but he prefers me when it comes to cuddling or if he is tired or hurt.

-Cal loves to be outside. We have a perfect little yard for him and I am loving this nice weather because I just leave the door open almost all day that we are home and he just wanders out there.

-He is generally super naughty during church. Since I have to play the piano for primary, Dal basically just wanders the hall with him during the 2nd and 3rd hour. He just barely went to nursery for the first time and did great!

-Cal knows the word 'baby' and what it means, and he also knows 'belly' and can touch his or mine if I ask him where it is. He seems super confused when we tell him that there is a baby in my tummy. He definitely doesn't get it.

-He knows where these body parts are and can point to them when asked: belly, toes, tongue, teeth, eyes, ears, nose, eyes, toes

-Cal loves the park, especially the slides... not so much the swings

-He is obsessed with our phones. He will sit on my lap for a whole hour if I am showing him pictures of himself... he is his father's son. I feel OK about it though because he loves books more. Like- he really, really loves reading books.

-Cal's basketball hoop coaxed him to walk and he still loves it

-Recently we have felt like Cal is old enough to be more involved when we say prayers at our house. Dinner is trickier because he sees the food and just wants to eat it, but he is really cute and good when we say a little family prayer at night with him before he goes to bed. He kneels and folds his arms. We are still working on the 'amen' thing.

-He gives us kisses whenever we ask and it is our favorite 

We are seriously loving this state that Cal is in. It seems like he is learning a new word every day! He is such a sweet, funny little boy and we are so blessed to have him as a part of our family.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Conference and stuff

We had a lovely conference weekend. Lauren was in town visiting, so we hung out with her and watched conference on Saturday. On Sunday we had a yummy brunch at the Robker's house and watched the second session there. I really love conference.

Spring is fantastic in Vegas. We have gone to the park or swimming almost everyday for the past month. In fact, we went swimming 4 times this past week. 4! Cal doesn't actually love swimming, but he loves being at the pool and wandering around by the pool, then jumping to me and immediately signing "all done" after and wanting to get right back out. He is, however, obsessed with the park... the slide in particular. It is fun to watch him since he can climb up and go down the slide all by himself now.

We have also been hanging out a lot with our people here. Have I ever mentioned how much we love our people? I feel like I have a lot of friends here, but I have 4 in particular that I see every day and I seriously don't know what I will do without them when we move in a year. I will just pretend that is not happening. Oh, and Cal loves to walk Hobbes with a leash now and we love it and take an obnoxious amount of pictures of it.

Hangin out with Eli & Justin at Rita's

Obsessed with going up and down the escalator

Eats by himself with a spoon now

Cal loves Krispy Kremes

Dogsitting Honey

Post-swimming lunch date

First snack pack and he laughed super hard between every bite

The 2 minutes that Cal actually watched conference

Cal loves Lauren!

I am a great mom

Cal + his Sloane girlfriend

He loves headphones

As expected, Cal really hated the mall Easter Bunny

18-month birthday ice cream

Watching 'Frozen' with Sloane