Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas in St. George 2015!

Since Alex was coming home from his mission so close to Christmas, we decided to go home for the holidays. Dal was able to be in Utah with us for over a week and it was so fun to have him there with us. And we drove all the way from Olympia to freakin St. George! Actually it wasn't bad. Calvin always does stellar in the car and Mae was better than I expected. 
18 hours
We got there on Christmas Eve. We spent the evening dollar blading with Dal's extended family, eating good food and playing games. Calvin could not stand up for even 3 seconds on dollar skates, but Dal's 85 year old grandpa was one of the best ones out there. Cal is getting old enough to really play with cousins and it is so fun to watch.  
Mae's biggest fan, Hope

We were super happy to see Tyson, Devee, and baby Taylee!
 Christmas day was so fun this year. Calvin gets so excited about everything now and it is the best. He asked Santa for a punching bag Mae was teething and pretty sad on Christmas, but she liked the busy board that Dal made for her! Braden and Kaely were really nice to drive down to spend Christmas with us and Calvin was so happy to spend time with all of his cousins.

matching christmas best 

We spent a few days in a condo at Brianhead with Dallin's whole family (besides lauren who is still in Peru) after Christmas. It was so freezing but really nice to spend time with the whole Mitchell family. Dal and I got to go snowboarding which was awesome since I had never been there and the snow was great... but also freezing. Braden and Kaely tried to take Cal, Kaden & Ellie sledding but they lasted like 5 minutes before all 3 of them were so cold they were booking it for the door! ha. 
little cousins

Sweet baby rosemary

We spent the last few days in St. George. Aubree stayed and we had fun hiking, bowling, and finally seeing Star Wars (we have talked about little since... both Cal and Dallin).

potty break

finally getting this walking thing down
Cousin fun caught up with him. Falling asleep at dinner

One of the most exciting things that happened that week was that Mae went to walking-sometimes-when-she-feels-like-it to all the time! She is loving her new freedom and I am relieved. She is such a free spirit and hates to be contained... which made the crawling phase pretty hard and unsanitary. She was sad a few days but four molars popped through the next day and she was back to her happy (but stubborn and naughty) self. Calvin is at THE BEST age. We cannot get enough of him. 

Such a great Christmas!