Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cal meets Cali

We drove down to San Diego this weekend with Justin and Lindsey to visit the Lindgrens and the Calicos. It was such a nice weekend! We  spent all of Saturday at the beach. Cal loved it, except he freaked when we put his toes in the water because it was so cold. Dal had fun surfing with the boys.  We feel lucky to have such awesome friends and wish they still lived in Vegas.

The crew at the Yellow Deli

Little Olive holding Cal

Love my little beach babe

A little traumatic first ocean experience

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitchen renovation, Valentines, President's Day, parents weekend

My parents came down to Vegas this past weekend to redo our kitchen. My dad and I finished in 2 days and it looks so great, I was thrilled with how it turned out!!


I really, really love it! Dallin couldn't help because it was block week and he was too busy studying and drinking soda.

Thursday was Valentine's Day. My parents were in town and wanted to babysit, so Dal and I went and ate at Max Brenner at the Caesars Palace and had dessert that was to die for. We met some friends afterwards on Fremont Street, which was a blast, hilarious, and disturbing.
V-day flowers

Max Brenners


Fremont Street

 We had so much fun over the rest of the weekend with my parents. We taught them to play hearts, went to the 'Pawn Stars' shop, ate yummy food, and went to the pet store to see monkeys. Hobbes got really spoiled because my dad took him to the dog park every morning. Calvin got spoiled with attention. We were sad to have them leave.
I love how he is looking at her

President's Day we took Cal and Hobbes to the dog park and played games with the Taylors. Oh, and Cal had a stare down with the lion on his swing.

Mid sneeze

Playing cards with Justin

Monday, February 11, 2013

4 Months

Hit the 4 month mark on Saturday!

Here is what Cal is up to...
-He is obsessed with his hands! He sucks on his middle and ring finger and makes a 'rock on' sign. It is adorable.
-Getting quite the double chin... still working on hair and eyebrows
-He is no longer the super chill baby we once had. We like him that way- he keeps us on our toes.
-He is so, so great in the car and jogging stroller
-Does not like church or being on his stomach
-Loves his mustache binky
-Laughed for the first time about 2 weeks ago!! We were in sacrament meeting- Dal and I were so ecstatic. We have spent every waking moment since then trying to get him to do it again and he won't budge. We must not be very funny.
-Still strictly breastfeeding
-I think he is starting to recognize us
-Could care less about Hobbes
-Mornings are the greatest and smiley-est