Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love Month

We have had a very fun past couple of weeks. I actually really like Valentine's Day. I think the whole thing is fun! This post is going to be listy, because it's been a while.

The month started out with a girl's trip to San Fransisco! I had such a blast... I am going to write another post about this trip so this picture will do.

A couple of days spent with Berkley and Sydney. I love them and am super sad that they are moving to New York.

I make brownies way too much because I can't get over watching Cal lick the spoon after I am done. He gets so excited and laughs the whole time! I made brownies yesterday literally just so I could watch him lick the spoon.

Kasi was in town for work, so we met her for some gambling (oh, and brought Jelissa because she can never turn down gambling) and between Dal and I, we won $100! It was awesome. Amy babysat :)
I found these cotton balls at my house, so I decided to tape a paper towel roll to the side of the desk so Cal could play on it. I figured he would like it since he loves his basketball hoop so much and I was right! He sat there and stuck those little cotton balls through the paper towel roll for like 2 straight hours. 

Cal has a little girlfriend and I serrrriously cannot get enough of them together. They both get real excited to see each other and I get excited watching them. It makes it convenient for us, seeing how much time we spend with the Taylors!
Kissing her

My brother got engaged! Woot Woot!! This is an old picture. I cannot wait for the wedding!

The Hunters came to town!! Aubree and Craig came to Vegas to interview for a job. They brought Hayden and Hope with them, and we convinced them to let the little ones stay with us while they slept in their hotel. Cal had fun with his cousins! The next day we went swimming with Aubree and it was very fun.
Hayden helping Cal shoot a basket

The weekend before Valentine's, our friend Jelissa hosted a cute Valentine's party. It was so fun! We had a fancy dinner and played a couples game. It was a lovely evening and fun to get dressed up.

Dal and I had a casual Valentine's eating dinner at the park, then babysitting Sloane while the Taylor's went out. They returned the favor the next night and watched Cal so that Dal and I could go to dinner and a movie. It's so funny how I miss Calvin when we go anywhere without him, but it is good to have time with just me and Dal.

Matt Palmer and his lady-friend came for dinner and spent the night one night this week. It was fun to see him!

I have 4 friends here (+ their husbands) that I see almost every day. I feel extremely grateful for them! I feel like Las Vegas is my home now... if only my parents were here.

Check out this Valentine. He is a bit of a heart throb.