Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A bittersweet week

Last week was a little bittersweet at our house.

The bitter

There was a flood in Dallin's hometown of Santa Clara that caused devastating damage to over 25 homes and businesses. It basically demolished the gas station owned by our close friends the Freis, as well as the entire main floor of Tyson's (Dallin's best friend) parents home. Dallin had midterms last week, but he left for Santa Clara the second his last test was over to help with the cleanup. We were so impressed by the positive attitudes of those affected and wish we could have done more to help.

The Sweet

I went to Sandy for a few days to attend my best friend's wedding. Everything about the dinner, ceremony, and reception turned out perfect. I am so thrilled for her.

While I was there I had a baby shower for our family friends and relatives. My baby got so spoiled and I am feeling like we are more ready to have him get here. Physically ready, that is... I have been ready for him to be here for quite some time now.

Awesome cradle my grandpa made for me

The University of Utah beating BYU was a pretty sweet part of our week also. It made for a much better mood from Dallin for the whole weekend.

We ended the week having dinner with the Taylors, our favorite Vegas friends. Kavin was even able to stop by. We miss him and his family since they moved to California.

We are now just (IMPATIENTLY) waiting to find out when we are able to close on our house so that we can move in. 6 more weeks until baby Calvin comes !!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Home Stretch

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant, and to say that I am anxious would be an understatement. Not that I hate being pregnant... I don't. I am just really ready for him to be here. I am so, so ready.

The last 12 or so weeks of pregnancy have included...
-A return of my appetite!
-SO much kicking, moving around, hiccuping
(which never gets old)
-Dallin singing to my stomach
-A lovely baby shower
-Only throwing up 2-3 times per week
-Utah, San Antonio, and Disneyland
-Hormone craziness
(poor Dal)
-20/20 reruns
-Buying our first home
-Random people at the grocery store touching my stomach
-Still thinking we are going to name him Calvin
-Failing to complete my blood glucose test after THREE tries
(I threw up the orange drink every time)
-Our Doctor informing me that our baby is perfect at every appointment
(already a proud mom)