Thursday, May 21, 2015

Farewell to Las Vegas

Our last week here was both really really fun and really really sad. I have become so close with our friends here in Vegas.

On Monday we went swimming with the Taylors + Brenna and Amy. It was fun to see Henry again! I have been getting bummed watching Sloane and Cal play so cute together since they have to say goodbye to each other so soon. That evening my ward friends threw me a goodbye dinner at Lucille's (yummmmm!). It was pretty sad to say goodbye to them since I am not sure if I will ever see some of them again. Lindsey made Dal & Cal dinner that night, so I met them there to play games with them after we put the kids to bed.
Sloane + Mae at dinner

My cute Villa Bonita friends
On Tuesday Amy, Brenna, Lindsey and I got together to take pictures of our matching Nevada shirts, which turned out so darling. Afterwards we had a dinner at Tessa's with all of our husbands and kids. We put the kids to bed at her house (8 of them between all of us!), made a quick Target run (obviously) then played games at her house until late. 
On Wednesday the movers came and packed up our house!!! I was sad. and having movers is awwwwwwesome. That evening I had a last girl's night with Tessa, Amy, Brenna & Lindsey. We ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory, went to Amy's to get ready, drank a ton of energy drinks, then went to the LIGHT club at Mandalay bay (courtesy of Adrian). We got home at 4! I felt a little bit like I got hit by a truck when Mae & Cal got up at 6, but it was so so fun. The club was cool and we had a blast dancing and box out anyone who tried to dance with us.

On Thursday Lindsey gave us all haircuts. Calvin loves getting his haircut by her and I will really miss having her do mine. Dal's hair was soo long and I was bummed he had to cut it. That evening we had a graduation dinner banquet for all of the graduates from Dal's class. Aubree was nice to babysit our kids. It was really fun for Dallin to see some of his classmates that he hasn't really seem in the past year, but spent soo much time with the first 2 years of med school. It was at a fancy golf course and was really pretty inside. It was a lovely evening.

On Friday they came and took all of the boxes and furniture from our house!! It was fun and sad. We ate dinner at Tyson and Devee's that evening. We will miss living close to them.

Eating breakfast on the floor
On Saturday Dallin's whole family came into town for his graduation that was the following day. We all went swimming at the hotel that Braden & Kaely are staying at. It was really nice and I love watching Cal with his cousins. Afterward we went to dinner, then went to a park by Aubree's house to wear all of the kids out. Kaden slept over and Cal was pretty dang thrilled about it.

Slumber party on the floor since we had no furniture

It was the best last week in Vegas ever.

St. George Mother's Day

I missed Calvin and Mae soo much while we were in Havasupai. I have left Calvin before and know that he loves the Dallin's parents, so I wasn't worried about him- but I was very anxious about leaving Mae and we couldn't drive fast enough to St. George to see her after we got back from our trip. Dennis and Lisa were so awesome and loved having both kids there. Mae ended up being better than I thought she would be and slept/took a bottle like a champ! 

We spent a weekend in St. George with Lisa, Nate & Katlyn, and the Hunter family. We had a lot of fun hot tubbing, visiting Cheryl, and celebrating Mother's Day. I had a great day this year--- Dal got me running shoes and I love reflecting on how lucky I am to be a mother to 2 amazing kids. Oh, and we got to talk to Lauren and Alex who are both doing great!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


We had the most incredible vacation with my family to Havasupai the first week that Dal finished school. I was reallllly panicked to leave Mae, especially after she wouldn't take a bottle the day before. But all turned out OK, she didn't starve to death, and Lisa and Dennis loved having her and I am glad they got to bond with her and cal so much before we move to Washington. 

We left really early on Wednesday morning. The hike in was really fun! It was 8 miles and mostly downhill. It was sooo beautiful- I loved it!!

We stayed in a lodge in the city of Supai. It was an interesting little place. We changed our clothes after resting for a minute and walked a couple of miles down to Navajo Falls. They were so pretty and I seriously could not believe how blue the water was. The water was warm and they were perfect for swimming. It was such a great time. After we got back we ate a the little restaurant there and played cards.

The day we spent all day at the other 2 falls, which were 3 miles away. We went to Mooney falls first. The hike included some climbing down rocks and ladders. It was a cool hike and for sure the prettiest of the falls (although I thought Navajo was the most fun to swim in). It had a little rope swing was fun and we explored down there for a while.

After stopping for fried bread for lunch, we moved on to Havasu falls. This one was a little more crowded and it got a bit cold, but we had a lot of fun there walking around. On our way back we swam at Navajo Falls again and I cliff jumped (twice!), which is significant because I am a bit of a wuss.

The next morning we rode horses out to the top. They were actually really fun except for the part where Steph got thrown off... I felt really bad about that. 

I was so so so excited to see my babies when I got back, but it was seriously the greatest trip. Dal and I had so much fun with my family. Hiking, pretty scenery and fabulous people= my idea vacation.