Friday, March 28, 2014

Another reason to love October

October has always been my favorite, even before all of my most significant life experiences started happening in that month.

I married Dallin in October

We had our sweet Calvin in October

and now I am due to have our second baby this coming October!

We are so thrilled I can't even stand it. I think that having Cal has made me even more excited for this one, because he truly exceeded my expectations last time. 

I took a pregnancy test on the morning of Valentine's Day. I actually didn't even expect it to be positive, but it was! Matt Palmer and his lady friend had spent the night at our place, so right after I found out I went down and had breakfast with them-- I was freaking out inside! I could barely wait until Dal got home to tell him. We decided to not give each other gifts for Valentine's this year, but go on a nice date instead (which we did, thanks to the Taylors for babysitting). Dallin was surprised when I had a gift for him, and he was just as cute and excited as the first time. It was a very memorable Valentine's Day.

I have decided that it is possible to be over-the-moon grateful for this gift of life, while still thinking that pregnancy is hard. I am currently 11 weeks along and have lost 10 pounds so far. Some days I think that I have been able to keep food down a tiny bit better than last time, but I have had more than a few days where I have thrown up 10 times in 24 hours. I knew this would happen. I signed up for it. I am truly, truly grateful. But it is still hard. 

I have tried really hard to still be a decent mom to Cal while I have been sick. I have some momma guilt on the days that I can't function, but we get out and have some kind of adventure everyday and he seems like he is happy and growing. My house, however, is a complete disaster all of the time. It's probably best to not come over unannounced. I have had a few friends tell me that while they have had morning sickness, their toddler gets really upset to see them so sick. Cal thinks it is so funny when I throw up... I am not sure if he is too young to understand or is just not super sympathetic-- I think it is the first one :) When he hears me throwing up, he comes running in and usually laughs, sometimes he imitates my vomiting. Oh well, it's better than him being really upset 5 times per day, right?

My ultrasound this week made it feel so much more real and I cannnnnot wait for October to get here.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A whole week in Utah!

I went to Utah to go to a bridal shower that my mom was throwing for Steph, and decided to stay a whole week since Dal is so busy this month with his ENT rotation. I didn't feel well most of the time I was there, so I mostly moped around while my parents took care of Cal. My mom was working and trying to get all of the food and everything ready for the bridal shower that was at her house and she still got up early with Cal, got him dressed every morning, fed him his meals, and took him everywhere with her. I have the greatest parents. 

One of the days, my parents and Jackie took Cal to Jungle Jim's and it is his h-e-a-v-e-n! He loves it much more than Disneyland. There are no lines, so he can just run from ride to ride. Plus, he is tall enough to go on everything! He might have gone there 4 times last week. I only went once with him, and it was really fun to watch him get so excited. He had a little meltdown when we left, and kept signing, "more" over and over. So what if Jingle Jim's is a little ghetto :)

The shower turned out  so great. Steph got a lot of good stuff and it was fun to see so many people. My dad and Max took Cal to Jungle Jim's & Mcdonald's while the party was going on, so he likes showers now too :)

We missed Dal soooo much, so we are very glad to be home. I miss my family already... Cal is obsessed with my parents and it is so fun. 

Cal and I stopped and had dinner/spent the evening with the Mitchells on Sunday. It was fun to see them, as always.

Jackie gets asked to prom: the morning after

He stood on those diapers 10493 times and day, and was so proud every time


When my dad watches him he gets to play with screwdrivers

Watching Sesame Street, no doubt

Bonding with Uncle max

Shower time

Jungle Jim's!

Swinging with Lauren & Katelyn in St. George

Happy to be home

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Disney Day

We have 2 more days of Disneyland to use up before September and have been waiting for a good time to use them. This past week, Dal called me on his way home from work on Wed and mentioned that he didn't have to go in the next day. I remembered that Braden & Kaely were going to Disneyland that day, so we packed up our car that night and off we went. It was kind of late by the time we got there, so we just went to bed.

We got to Disneyland right when it opened in the morning. It ended up being a pretty good day to go because there weren't a ton of people there. Cal was mostly pretty neutral about most of the rides, but he looooves Kaden & Ellie, so he had a lot of fun with them. Because there were 4 of us, we could kind of take turns going on big rides and waiting out with the babies. Cal's favorite ride was the jungle safari, even though he kept crying and trying to run away from us while we were in line. Oh, and Calvin really hated the characters. He clings onto whoever is holding him so tight when one of the characters pass him, and he was basically shaking for the whole parade. Kaden, however, was in heaven during the parade and it was super fun to watch. I got a churro and rode my favorites, so it was a successful day at Disneyland. I had promised Dal that I would drive home that night since he had to work the next morning and study on the way home, but he was nice and drove since I felt sick. It was quite a long day for him. He is hardcore.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Visitors and such

Last weekend my mom, Sherrie, Jackie, and Anna spent all weekend at our house and it was so fun to have them here. They came so that Jackie and Anna could go to the Miley Cyrus concert... my mom bought Lindsey and I tickets too so that we could take them. Cal loved having them here and I was really bummed when they left. We went for walks, went to the mall (where Cal loved throwing pennies in the fountain and got a new build-a-bear), went to the Hoover Dam, ate yummy meals at Bachi Burger and Max Brenners, and played with Cal.

  Besides having my family visit, we have mostly been hanging out with our friends here and enjoying the lovely weather. Cal has finally become an expert walker and it is so fun for me. We go see the ducks a lot... Cal likes to watch me feed them and gets excited for me to give him some bread, but then he just eats the bread himself. Sometimes I can even get him to say, "duck!". We also go to the park often. Cal likes to crawl up to the top of the slide, yell, "go!", then crawl back down. We like February in Vegas.
Watching "Jake the Pirate" on the coffee table

Walkin around like a champ

Sunday walk

He loves being sprayed in the face with a spray bottle

Tyson's Birthday party

With Tys & Devee at their new place


Insists on not letting me feed him

Cafe Rio at the park

Cal + Sloane + Hobbes

Looooves the broom

Running around while his cousins take a bath

He watches the 2013 video I made of him everyday while I get ready (he is a little vain)

Being super naughty at H&R Block

Hanging out with Honey

At the Honda Dealership... Cal likes when my car gets broken down
Soooo handsome