Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmastime in Washington

We are excited to go spend time with family in Utah for Christmas, but we have had the best time celebrating the season here! The rain has been a little obnoxious, but Dal has had a pretty laid back schedule so it has been nice to spend time with him and our friends here during this Christmas season. 

I'll start with the not good stuff. We did have a great month, 4 not good things happened. #1- I did a really dumb thing and accidentally (Seriously have never done this before) left my garage door open and someone stole my car straight out of the garage. (I leave my keys in my car. I don't do it anymore). I felt like crap for wasting us so much money, but I like to think that Dallin and I are kind of good at saying, "it's just money" and moving on. Dallin was really nice to me about it and things like that make me appreciate what I have more. After the initial shock I had this moment at home when both of my babies were being cute and I started to cry and decided that (even though they had my car), there was no way that the car thief had it better than me that day. I am blessed. Cheesy cheesy. this story has a happy ending though and the police found it abandoned 2 days later with almost everything (besides my expensive pink diaper bag, a couple of christmas presents & my wallet) in it. We were beyond relieved. #2- Mae was sick for 8 days straight and barfed/pooped on every square inch of our house. Sometime in the middle of it she seemed better so we took her to Dal's work Christmas party and she barfed all over their house too. #3-Dal found out he is for sure doing flight surgery for the next 2 years. We knew this was most likely happening and we are not necessarily bummed about it... just more uncertainty and that is always kinda scary. #4- While babysitting Tiffany's girls Brynnlyn burnt her hand really bad on our fireplace (the fire had been off for over 40 min!) and I am pretty sure I shed more tears than she did. I felt way bad.
sick Mae

Our car back!
Oh, and I made Mae stop nursing since I am going to be away from her for 2 nights in Jan and we were both real sad about it.

 We are starting to feel really established here. We have made some awesome friends and looooove our ward. Life is good.

The best Sunday nap!

Calvin and his cute friend Quinnley

Always climbing
Dyed my own hair (with Tara) and really like it!

At a christmas boutique with Tara and Corryn 
Hanging out at Tiffany's new house while she paints 

I am docta Mitchell 
We accidentally missed the toddler story time we got to every week so we instead went to the baby one. Cal looked bored but mae LOVED it.

Ikea run with Tara
Babysitting little Cozy girl
My parents sent this to the kids for Christmas and I love watching them eat around it!
Frosting Christmas cookies with Matt & Tara

He was sooo, so excited to meet Santa and it was kind of magical 
When I told him he couldn't watch a show, he put dal's shirt and shoes on and, "I'm daddy. want to watch a show, babe?" and I died laughing.

You can't tell from this picture but these 4 play soo cute together. We love Tristan and Claire.

Going to target hungry is a bad idea

Frosting cookie pizzas with Benson during the BYU/Utah game
Love my girl

Calvin had the best time at Benson's birthday party
We drove all the way to Bellvue to go to 'Snowflake Lane'. Singing, dancing, fake snow, characters everywhere, and so many Christmas lights. We loved it!! Especially Cal.

One day when Mae was sick, I took Cal to the Olympia Christmas parade. It was fun to have one on one time with him. They had a tree lighting and gingerbread house competition going on also. I really love Olympia!

Our ward Christmas party was the best! So much stuff going on. Our ward rocks.

We got a babysitter for our ward's elders chorum christmas party/gift exchange. It was such a fun night!

The Smith's have been our closest friends here and we are so sad that they are moving :(
I just really like my kids.