Friday, July 31, 2015

I have 2 kids

 I keep wondering when Calvin is ever going to get frustrated with Mae. He adores her and has never once been mean to her. He tries to help her whenever she is sad, and sings her songs if she cries in the car. He gets just as excited as I do every time she does something new and it is the greatest.

The only thing that is hard about the stage they are both in is going to the restroom in public (Calvin drinks a lot of water- we have to go into one most days). He still needs help pulling his pants down and getting onto the toilet, which I can't really do with one hand. I used to sit Mae on the changing pad thing I have in my diaper bag while I helped Cal, but now she just bolts away crawling and tries to go under all of the stalls and it's disgusting. Besides that I feel like we are really getting into a rhythm with the 2 kids thing. They both currently take a nap in the afternoon that overlaps by 2 hours! They are so so happy to see each other when they wake up and it makes my heart really happy.

I hope they continue to be best buddies.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oh hey there, intern year

 Dallin officially started his intern year on July 1st... and he left at 5 a.m. and got home around 9 that night. The rest of the month looked pretty similar (including weekends). It was hard to not see him very much, but August should be better. He had one week where he had to leave for work every day at 3:30 pm and got home at 9 the next morning. That week we literally saw him for 10 minutes per day. It was the worst. 

We have still found time to do fun things together. Plus, Calvin + Mae and I have been exploring Olympia and meeting new friends. We have met some awesome people and I have been super grateful. Also, our ward rocks! Going to church with the kids and without Dallin has been pretty unstressful since people have been so nice to our family. 

We have found some cool places and the weather has been perfect. I definitely have some homesick days (for both Utah and Las Vegas)... but in general I think it has been a pretty easy adjustment here.  

Long Lake on one of Dal's only days off this month. It's right by our house and the water is so warm! 

We had an evening at the fair with Matt & Tara. We spent a ridiculous amount of money on fair food and Calvin loved the rides.

Maxwell and Mae are the same age... and he is twice her size

We had an evening hiking around Tumwater falls. Also a beautiful place less than 10 min from our house.

Dallin's night with the babies. I have found girls to watch the bachelor with and it is nice to talk to have a break once a week.

We found the besssst hamburger place. Except I bet each one has exactly one million calories.

 When Dal got home from work each Sunday night I would tell him how crazy Mae was at church. I could never get her to fall asleep and she never sits still for even 2 seconds the whole 3 hours. This past Sunday he was finally able to come to church with us. And she slept for him the whole 3rd hour. What the heck.

Lunch at Tugboat Annie's along the harbor in between night shifts for Dallin. This place is awesome. And this was the day that Calvin noticed Dallin's apple watch and has talked about apple watches almost daily ever since. Heaven help me.

Mae is so big now! and shopping just got easier.

Mae threw a fit about going to the gym twice last week (she usually likes {tolerates} it). Both times we decided to go to Jamba Juice instead. Mae got her first brain freeze.

 Calvin knows all of his letters now! Making a tunnel for his cars.

She crawls in there several times a day
 The kids and I went to Priest Point Park a few times by ourselves to hike around while Dal was working. It is absolutely one of my favorite places. I can't believe this beautiful of a place is so close to our home.

Sunday selfie

On a walk with friends to the lake by our house

 Tara and I took the kids to Ikea. They did well... mostly because Mae ate 34908 puffs.
 Long Lake again with Alexander and Carolyn.

 Bathtime is his favorite time

 Post-church lunch with Dal.

 She stands!!

 Dinner at the Mcdonald's. We love them! 

 The children's museum with Tiffany and her kids (who are the exact age of mine... I seem to only meet people with kids my kids' age). Calvin could have stayed there all day long.

We have spent a bunch of time with the Lamereoux's (also who have kids Calvin and Mae's age). Cal loves Tristan!

 One evening we went and picked blueberries (for free!). Cal was obsessed. We didn't come home with that many blueberries because he ate them as fast as we could pick them.

 At the ward party. This was the day that a nice Chinese family kept commenting to me on what a genius Calvin was, then proceeded to ask me lots of questions about raising bilingual children. Turns out that "Mae mae" (what all of us call Mae) means little sister in Chinese. They thought he spoke chinese!

Watched Maxwell for a full day. He is darling... and also I am glad that Mae is not a twin.
 He is the most fun little boy. He is my best buddy and is at such a good stage.
 At the feeding zoo with Tiffany and her girls.

 I really, really love these babies.