Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the past couple of weeks...

*I threw a baby shower at my house for Lindsey with Brenna and Amy. It turned out awesome and I am so excited for her baby girl to get here in May!

...Dallin and Cal had  a boy's night during the shower. It really wore him out.

*We have had lots and lots of Utah visitors!

The Murdocks came to see Cal & Hobbes during thier girl's trip

Amy & Alex came up for lunch while they were in St. George.
We went to Bachi Burger and it was so so tasty!

Graham, Doug, and Mark stayed with us for a few days for the basketball tournament.

Not pictured:
-Caitlyn & Nate who stayed overnight on their way to California.
-Dennis, who came to help us prep our backyard for grass! 

* We took a quick trip to St. George because Dennis was released as bishop. He and Lisa did great speaking in church. 

*We had a nice lunch and Apple store trip at Towne Center. For some reason Dallin is obsessed with taking pictures of my parking jobs.

*Cal held his first gecko... and I panicked that he was going to get some kind of disease. Let the gross reptile obsession begin.

*I did 15 and 16 mile runs. The marathon is getting closer. This is how I find Dal and Cal when I get home.

*Cal has started to really like Hobbes. It is funny! It is kind of gross when he likes Cal in the face over and over, but also pretty cute.

I am officially sold on Las Vegas weather. We went swimming 3 times in the past few weeks! Cal loved it. 

*Last week was spent trying to get Calvin's barfing-ALL-of-the-time situation under control by starting him on solids a little earlier than planned. It mostly just made his spit up grosser. Cool story.
sweet potatoes!

*Of course we played hearts with the Taylors. We also took them to Rita's and it did not disappoint.

*Dallin took 2 days off of studying and worked his butt off to get some grass in our backyard. Dennis came up and helped him all day to prep, then Justin helped him lay it the next day. It looks sooo good. We are stoked about it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A lot of random things

Dallin's boards are coming up. We really hate boards. This semester has been super crappy because Dallin has regular school to worry about, with studying for boards on top of it. The end of June can't come soon enough.

March weather in Vegas is superb. Calvin and I take Hobbes for a walk almost every day. The other day we had a dog play date at the park with some friends. Hobbes loved it!

My house is never clean. I have no job... how is my house never clean??? Probably because I stare at my baby all day. 

Calvin sits with us at dinner in his bumbo. I love it! The other day we fed him rice cereal because we felt bad eating in front of him... haha. It doesn't really look like it in this picture, but he loved it.

We play hearts with Justin and Lindsey weekly. We love them and cannot wait for their baby girl to get here.

My grandparents stopped by and spent the night on their way home from Arizona. They might be Cal's biggest fans, it is fun to watch. He rolled over for the first time while they were here!

Our new ward is fantastic. We really, really like it.
Dallin's parents, grandparents, and Lauren came up for an evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the elementary school that Bud taught at. It was lovely to see them.

We have 3 people that are really close to us getting married in the next few months. I love weddings.

This little boy loves the bath lately. It might be my favorite time of day right now.

We took Calvin to a basketball game at Touro the other night and it was SO loud. I felt kind of bad, but he was a trooper. People often comment to us on how well behaved he is. Good thing Brenna had some earplugs for him! He ended up falling asleep by the end.

I used to despise grocery shopping, but it is not so bad with Cal. I sing and talk to him the entire time and I am sure people think I am nuts.

We went to an 'adult Easter egg hunt' in the dark the other night  put on by some of our friends. We took Cal in the backpack and he loved it. It was a blast.

Hobbes is a little bit obsessed with Cal and it is a little bit adorable. 

I started training for the Ogden Marathon that I am signed up to run in May. I tend to psych myself out every Friday night before my long run and ask Dallin to break my leg over and over so that I don't have to run 14 miles the next morning. They are never as bad as I anticipate and it has been {kind of} fun.

We discovered a new italian ice place called Rita's the other night. It was delicious.

Cal has been sleeping in until almost 10:30 the past couple of mornings. I kind of hate it.

The other night we babysat the kids of some families in our ward so they could have date night. This  5-year old boy was obsessed with Dallin. They talked about sharks and flying planes all night and it made me less stressed that Calvin just grew out of his 3 month clothes. Maybe him growing up won't be so bad.

We really love living here. I miss my family, but we have made some awesome friends in Vegas and we are grateful. 

Lastly, we watch the video 50 times per day.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 months

It's been a big month for little Cal. I feel like he is really starting to recognize people, things, and sounds. It is so fun.

Here are some more things he is up to...

-Cries and makes a cute frowny face whenever Dallin makes this certain noise. It is funny.
-Prefers his mustache binky to all others
-Sleeps like a champ most of the time, but still wakes up every 3 hours to eat
-Still only breastfeeds
-Likes being sung to, watch 'Blues Clues', and stand up
-Learned a new balancing on his feet trick with his dad that gives me anxiety
-Is usually a rockstar in the stroller
-Is a drool and spit up machine. Like absurd amounts of spit up all of the time
-Hates church
-Has a new screaming cry that is quite dramatic

He smiles and laughs so often. My favorite thing about him right now is that he smiles every time I start singing to him. Dallin loves when he gets in his talkative moods.

We like him.