Thursday, June 30, 2016

Redwood Place

We loved our house in Washington! It was perfect for us (except for unfenced yard). I am kicking myself that I never got a picture of the master bathroom... it was amazing with cool retro flooring and it was huuuuge. I think I will like looking back at where we lived during our unforgetable year in Olympia.

Now we have been gone for 4 days and I miss it and the people that we met there already. I can't believe how attached I became to that place in just one year. Because there was endless things to do there + there were incredible poeple who included me right away, I was able to adjust really fast and it was such a blessing since this was supposed to be a weird-in-between year for us. We hope that the army brings us there again someday :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Portland day trip

I love Portland. It is the funniest little city and the Columbia River views are so amazing. I still hadn't been to Salt n' Straw so we basically took a day trip to get ice cream.

We started out going to Beacon State Park and hiked up to the top. It might be my favorite place we have been since we have lived here. It was so beautiful! It rained the whole drive and then cleared right up for us when we got there. Cal hiked the whole thing by himself and was basically skipping with Dallin the whole way down. Both kids were so happy and Dal had to listen to me obsess over the scenery. And (as usual), no photo that I took did it justice.

Of course we went to Salt n' Straw after. It lived up to the type. We liked all of the flavors except for the kind that Cal chose (lavender). It smelled like a car air freshener, haha. Our favorite flavors were strawberry balsamic with black pepper and snickerdoodle. yumm! We went to blue star donuts to take home for later and were not as impressed.

We went to Washington park after. It was beautiful! Mae and I walked through the rose gardens with Dallin and Cal played on the playground.