Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mae @ 18 months

Mae Mitchell is 18 months old! I am going to be completely honest, Mae and I hit a bit of a rough patch for a few months. She is so independent and so stubborn (not to mention she hates being touched, haha). Plus, she likes Dal much better than me so it was a tiny bit hard to bond with her sometimes. The past month or 2 have been so great with her! Her newfound obsession with books means she will let us snuggle her as long as we are willing to read a million books to her and now that she can talk a little she can tell me what she wants sometimes. She has really chilled out and is a joy to be around a lot of the time. Plus she cracks all of us up!

At 18 months, Mae...
-Randomly, out of nowhere, decided to not hate her carseat, bed, and stroller. In fact- she went from despising all of those things for over a year to loving them! She likes going to bed now and willingly climbs into the jogging stroller for our run in the morning. She still refuses to sit in a high chair...

-Sleeps from 8 or 9 pm to 8 or 9 am. She's not a super great napper but it is fine because Cal hates when she naps and asks if he can wake her up every 6 minutes.

-We stopped breastfeeding around 15 months and cut her off the bottle a month later. She has finnnnally started eating food now that she isn't getting so many calories from milk. She is still a little pickier than Cal, but she usually will eat whatever we eat for dinner. Her favorite foods are yogurt, clementines, and pizza.

-She says  (in context) please, nose, eyes, teeth, bath, hot dog, pizza, elmo, mom, dad, down/up, night night, hi, bye, tickle, book, duck, doggie, go, bubble, apple, baby, and ball. Such a relief since Cal wasn't really talking by now and we were kind of worried. She says, "peeeeease" all day long which is polite and cute except I never really know what she is asking for.

-She loves baths, walks, watching the Will-I-Am/sesame street song (seriously she gets sooo happy), having Calvin chase her, books books books, animals (especially dogs), and swimming.

-She hates getting dressed, high chairs, being restrained, nursery (our 1:00 church time doesn't help), and vegetables.

-Cal has never really played rough with her and so she is pretty sensitive. Sometimes she has a hard time playing around kids her age because she gets so stressed when they push her.

-She weighs 23 pounds. 9th percentile for height, 30th percentile for weight. (So short and chubby)

-Mae looooves Dallin. He is the favorite and I don't mind. She has this epic "Daaaaddddy" every day when he gets home and it is super sweet.

We love our Mae so much. She is silly, stubborn, sweet, and sensitive. and sooo funny!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a great Easter as a family!

Starting out with an Easter egg hunt at the Harris'. We love being around them + Calvin and Ezra get along so well. It was a hit with the boys! Mae and Penny didn't care.

We dyed eggs on Friday (after Mae went to bed because that just seemed like an accident waiting to happen) and Cal was so cute. He wanted every egg to either say, "I love mom" or "I love Jesus". That kid. 

Dal was scheduled to work all day long on Easter, so the Easter bunny showed up on Saturday. Holidays are getting more and more fun with Calvin. He thought that the hiding-the-basket thing was the funniest thing ever. As soon as Mae found some candy she did not care at all about anything else. We went to breakfast after and had a great morning together as a family (especially since Dal has been working so much).

I was emotionally prepared to spend Easter just the 3 of us... but then Dal showed up like 10 minutes into sacrament meeting! He never gets off early! It was the best, especially because it was the last sunday before Mae turns 18 months and it is wrestling her while playing the piano for primary is kind of the worst. We enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner with the Blyle family, who have been super welcoming to us since the first day we got here.

More + more grateful for my tiny family every day.