Friday, June 30, 2017


Over Memorial Day weekend I ran across the entire state of Georgia with 15 other women from the stroller moms workout group that I go to almost every day. I had been training my butt off for months (had to train for lots of hills, heat, and running multiple runs in a day) but when Tyson and Devee were here I sprained my ankle while walking around downtown. Calvin was on my shoulders when it happened- he fell all the way down from my shoulders and had an injured neck for a couple weeks. It was kind of the worst. My ankle made it much more stressful to run this relay but it held out ok and it ended up being such an amazing experience.

 I am so grateful for all of these awesome moms that I get to associate with on a daily basis. This race was a fundraiser for the House of Heroes, which was especially cool for us since so many of us are army wives. I ended up running 24 miles total. The hardest part was the heat!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mitchells take Hilton Head

Dennis, Lisa, Lauren & Tyler came out to the south for a visit for a week last month. The kids were super happy to have them here! 

They came at the perfect time. Dallin got called to be in the bishopric last week so the day they got here Dennis ordained Dallin to be a high priest and he got set apart. It was awesome (except Mae was naughty).

We spent a few days in Savannah first. We went to wormsloe plantation, the pirates house, explored downtown, and went on a ghost tour! I really love Savannah, so lucky to get to live here.

For the weekend we stayed in a hotel on the beach at hilton head. We have been to Hilton Head 4 of the last 6 weekends because we love it so much. We ate duck donuts 3 times(!!) and had a lot of bunch of awesome beach time. My favorite thing that we did was rent bikes to ride along the beach. It was beautiful! Also, Lauren, Tyler, Dal & I swam in the ocean at 11 pm and it was creepy and awesome.