Monday, July 29, 2013

LV + Kaden

On our way home from SLC we stopped by and picked up Kaden to stay with us for a few days while his parents packed up their stuff for their move to Orem. He is the most funny little boy ever. We had so much fun with him! He was so cute with Cal and loves Hobbes. We almost didn't give him back.

Dallin had work off on Monday because of jury duty, but then wasn't chosen to be on the jury... so we took the 2 boys to Wet 'n' Wild. We were a bit disappointed because we thought that Kaden would be able to go on more slides, but he was too short. It was still very fun, though.

Dallin babysat while I went to girl's night that night.
watching "Emperor's New Grove"
Baby Sloane at girl's night  

We also went and fed the turtles at the Wetlands park a few times, met some friends at the park, and went to lunch with Dal.
Cute cousins

We stayed in St. George for a few days after dropping Kaden off to spend time with the Hunter family before they went back to Michigan. We did a lot of swimming, went to Cafe Rio, saw grandpa Gib compete in the horseshoe world championship, and went boating. We were so sad to see the Hunters leave. Oh, and I got a flat tire on I-15 on the way back to Vegas. Why does that always happen to me??
Cafe Rio with the little guys
Grandpa Gib
Addy wakeboarding!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Farewell, sister

We headed to Sandy on Friday evening to go to Maren's farewell. We didn't have time to do much Friday night because we got in so late, but we did sit around and watch Cal army crawl and eat the bottom of furniture... he likes to do that.

Saturday morning we got up and went hiking with Sherrie, Maren, Alex, Linda, and Randy while my mom watched Cal. We went up Ferguson and it was soo pretty! I realize how ugly Vegas every time I go to Utah. It was so fun. In the afternoon we went to my grandparents' house. They wanted to keep Cal while we did some errands. We got my car registered, got Hobbes a haircut, saw Dave and Angela's house, and went to Wingers with Maren. After we picked up Cal, we went to see Brynne, Tanner and cute baby Morris. He was so tiny and made Cal look huge and old! Saturday night we went to the Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta and the Bee's game with my whole family-- Cal's first baseball game! He did awesome. My parents took him home a little early so he could go to bed, and we stayed and watched the spectacular firework show. It was such a fun evening with my family. I am proud of Maren, but I hate that she is leaving. Hate it.

My Winger's dates

Hobbes' haircut

Sunday was the farewell. Maren did so awesome on her talk- probably the best one I have heard. Cal did better than usual, until he flung his head into the pew and got a gnarly bruise. It was fun to see so many people at our house afterwards. We had to leave on Sunday night, but so wished that we could have stayed longer.

All of my siblings
Goodbye for 18 months, Maren. Guat is lucky to have you.