Thursday, March 16, 2017

Calvin learns to ride a bike

Calvin has been riding a strider bike and has been talking about wanting to get a 2-wheeler. Dal decided that he wanted to make him earn it so he had a sticker chart that required him to earn 30 stickers before he could go get his new bike. He was so obsessed with that chart and worked so hard! Once he took a toy out of mae's hands so he got a sticker taken off the chart and he cried for a solid ten minutes, haha. 

It was like Christmas day when we finally got to take him to Walmart to pick him out a new bike. The strider bike really helped and he just took off riding the first  5 minutes trying! It was awesome and he was very proud of himself. The bike that we got him was a little too big so he couldn't start off without one of us helping him. I borrowed a neighbor's smaller 2 wheeler for him to ride for a few weeks while he got used to it. To that Calvin said, "thanks mom, but brave boys never give up" (what 4 year old says that??). He rode his bike literally every waking moment after that. He fell right on his face 100 times. Sometimes he would get discouraged and take a break for a little while. But now he can do it! I am so proud and inspired by him. I hope he is always this determined. and this CUUUUTE. I love this kid so much. 

Sweaty after a long day of bike riding

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