Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Calvin gets stitches

We went to Tybee island one day when Lindsey and her girls were in town. Without our husbands it is kind of an ordeal for us to get all 4 of our toddlers + their crap out to the beach. We had been there for maybe 5 minutes when Calvin started playing on these big rocks. He plays on them often when we go to the beach with Dal, but I went over to tell him to stop. On his way back he fell on a rock and landed straight on his head. He cried for like 30 seconds, he was much more upset about having to leave the beach.

Sooooo we packed up all of our crap and toddlers and took them back to the car + drove to Dal's office. It was nice that Dallin could just stitch him up there so we didn't have to wait at an ER. He cried a little during the shot, but was a super champ most of the time. There was a super nice medic there that helped and made Calvin feel better. 
This was 5 seconds before he fell...

We made Calvin take a picture of us before we left, haha

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