Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Springtime in Savannah!

We have had such a great past few months here in Georgia. I got out of the weird emotional funk that I was in, Dal had lots of time to spend with us, and Savannah is such an awesome city!

The Taylors came and stayed with us for a weekend! We went down to jacksonville, FL for a day and it was lovely. We love our Taylor family.

St. Patrick's Day is a HUGE deal here. People were talking about it for weeks before! There is a huge parade downtown. We got there 2 hours before it started and still had to park a mile away. It was fun, the kids loved it.

The Borups came to visit + it was so fun to have them here! We love them + Calvin is obsessed with Henry. We explored downtown, went to wormhole, spent a day at Hilton head, and had fun watching the kids play together. Mae got hand, food, and mouth while they were here which put a damper on some of our plans, but I was super grateful that henry didn't get it! Also, right when we were leaving to take them to the airport, Mae locked herself in the car with the keys. I called the military police to come help and they sent about a million guys in uniform + a fire truck and 3 police cars. It was ridiculous and embarrassing. And Jaynee had to take them to the airport. Never a dull moment with Mae!

 with my favorite young women at sunday night youth discussion

love her

bath babies with their buddy Roland
Slip n sliding with his friend Everett

Bike ride around our neighborhood

That time I drove 2 hours each way to drive these girls to mormon prom

Neighborhood buddies
I would buy lemonade from this boy any day of the week. He made  $20!
Rock climbing during a weekend trip to lumberton
Savannah wildlife center with buddies

Hanging out with cute Dale after our workout class
Date night at a cool restaurant downtown
Lots of beach trips!

Lunch date
I love downtown Savannah

I've been letting him bring his bike to my workout class so he can ride at the park afterwards, he loves it!
We have been really happy here. Georgia is cool!

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